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Husband’s duty towards pregnant wife


Husband’s duty towards maternity wife


The most exciting feeling of a woman’s life in the world is the feeling of being a motherDuring these nine months of childbearing, a woman’s life changes dramatically. This change is in all areas, physical and mental. You as a husband must first create the mentality of adapting to this change in your wife.

Husband's duty

What you should do as a husband:


Let her know that your wife is a wonderful person in your life. During this time the woman’s body changes as she gradually gains weight. In this way, your wife may suffer from inferiority complex with her physical beauty. At this time you appreciate his appearance. This will increase his confidence.


– You have to take the responsibility of taking the wife to the doctor (if there is no problem). This will make your wife feel that you care about her. The World Health Organization stipulates that for a third world country, the entire gestation period should be at least four times. Which is called anti-natal check-up.

Once in the first 18 weeks, once in 18 to 24 weeks, once in 24 to 36 weeks, once every week after 36 weeks.


– Help the wife at home. During this time the body is very tired, especially in the first part (first term) and the third part (third term) of the house and household chores that your wife handled with her own hands, such as keeping the house clean, help with cooking.

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– Surprise the wife. At this time the mental state of the woman changes from time to time. It is very normal to feel upset and excited at this time. Your love can handle such a change in the wife. Can bring gifts for wife. This gift can be a bouquet of flowers, anything you like and even ice cream.


Do not complain or get angry with your wife at this time. This will make him upset, which will affect him later.



–  Your wife may have taken responsibility for many things in the family before. Now maybe they are not happening that way. But don’t complain. Rather tell him: Look, I am for you.

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