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If i Take Clenbuterol, Can i still call myself a Natural Bodybuilder?


Overview of Clenbuterol:

As medical field has done immense advancements in covering all the aspects of health, ensuring improvement in health, and also assisting the population in achieving their goals and set targets through supplemental aid, as in the field of sports and performance arts the athletes and bodybuilders along with diet modification and strength training also take along medicines such as anabolic steroids termed as (AAS) anabolic androgenic steroid in the form of pills or injectables to enhance their muscle mass and endurance of the body to ensure an active, agile and fit body for their profession. Along with steroids, some other medications are also use mostly over the counter as they are not steroids but steroids like drugs for example clenbuterol.


Natural bodybuilding refers to the concept where the muscular body is achieve and without any involvement of the exogenous aid in the form of drugs. No performance enhancers is use and supplemental aid in the form of anabolic steroids, growth hormones, diuretics and insulin are not involve in the process of muscle development and is primarily on the work out sessions and the protein rich diet.


Some features of the natural bodybuilders are as follows:

  • They have less weight as compared to the others on the supplemental aid.
  • They don’t look synthetic or artificial.
  • Normal torso and leg proportions.
  • They might look depleted in some cases.
  • Their aging is slow.
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There are basically two classes of bodybuilders:

1.  Natural bodybuilders

Natural bodybuilders are the ones which are not on any drugs for enhancing their performance.

2.  Synthetic bodybuilders

Synthetic bodybuilders are the one who consume different drugs for enhancement of their performance for example steroids and certain hormones, and also purchase certain drugs, for example, they buy clenbuterol.

Drugs prescribed to the bodybuilders are as follows:

  1. Anabolic steroids.
  2. Amphetamines
  3. Hormones like testosterone.
  4. protein supplements and creatine.
  5. Human Growth hormone.


Apart from other steroids there are other drugs which are not steroidal but still are taken by bodybuilders to increase the lean body mass and reduce the fat content. Clenbuterol is a sympathomimetic drug that belongs to the amine category.



It acts on the sympathetic nervous system and by after acting on the beta-2 receptors in the lungs and heart. Hence, known as beta-2 agonists it ensures the release of nor-epinephrine and adrenaline. It acts as a broncho-dilator so the oxygen delivery is increased and blood oxygen saturation increases. And it also acts on the cardiac muscles resulting in increase heart rate and dilation of the cardiac vessels.


Indications are as follows:

  • asthmatic patients
  • COPD patients

Individuals also buy Clen for the following reasons:


Available in the following forms in the drug stores:

  • Pills or tablets
  • Injectables
  • Liquid clen
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Dosage prescribed for bodybuilding in men usually starts from 20 micrograms with 20 micrograms of increment per day till 120 microgram of dose reach then tapering off is done.


Like all the other drugs clen also have some un-wanted effects and they are listed below some are less severe and some are life threatening and the un-desired effects are as follows:

  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Abnormal sweating
  • Hyperthermia
  • Palpitations
  • Atrial fibrillations
  • Blood pressure
  • Cardiomegaly
  • Cardiac hypertrophy
  • Heart attack
  • Addiction
  • Chest pain

The drug is currently termed as illegal in most of the countries across the world because of the above listed side effects. It became controversial after multiple complications related to heart occurred imposing serious health risks and even death as heart size grows to an abnormal size. If consumed over a longer period of time addiction may develop as it contains a hormone called dopamine also known as happy hormone related to the feeling of being good and euphoria thus it has been banned in many countries as it can be addictive and then lead to serious life-threatening outcomes.

It also depletes the potassium ion from the body and as potassium is integral for the normal functioning of the heart and nervous system thus it interferes with the normal functioning of the body. If taken then substitutes to replace lost potassium should be there to ensure smooth functioning of body. If one buy clenbuterol UK one should properly consult rather than self-medication.



Extensive discussion is there that as clenbuterol is not a steroidal drug so one taking it is called natural or synthetic bodybuilder. In this regard there are two school of thoughts and they are as below discussed separately:

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Some belong to the school of thought that as it doesn’t alter the plasma levels of thyroid hormone, insulin growth like factor or the corticosterone levels so if one is taking it to reduce fat and gain muscle mass it will still be a natural bodybuilder. As natural simply refers to the concept of zero steroid intake and clenbuterol is not a steroid.


Some say that it is not a steroid so if one is taking it so they are still considered as natural, but some believe that as it is banned and the following are the reasons that stand against the concept of using clenbuterol and still termed as a natural bodybuilder, following are the reasons:

  1. It is ban and labelled as illegal among most of the countries.
  2. It is a performance enhancer substance.
  3. That remains in the system for a considerable number of days.
  4. The detectable traces are found for quite longer durations and can detect on testing.
  5. Some countries have it in the banned list for the natural bodybuilding competitions.


Clenbuterol UK a widely used over the counter medicine for the purpose of bodybuilding, the concept of natural bodybuilding depends on the country and the bodybuilding club or association you belong to or are playing for, if it’s ban as per the country and organization SOP then natural bodybuilder cannot use it and vice versa.

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