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How to increase children’s appetite


Ways to increase children’s appetite


This is a common complaint of most mothers. Many children do not want to eat new foods. Which is given in the mouth, pushed out of the mouth with the tongue. Many times vomit. When this happens, mothers get very scared. Impatiently try to force feed the baby, which is not right. This creates fear in the mind of the child towards food. The aversion to food is more intense. Up to the age of six months, babies are familiar with how to swallow milk. So naturally when the baby is first given chopped food, it seems unfamiliar to him. It is normal to take time to get used to this new food. So try at least a week to feed the baby any new food. If you do not want to eat after that, try to feed again with a break. Another thing can be tried. In order to get accustomed to the new food, the baby will get the taste of his familiar food by mixing the mother’s breast milk with the baby’s food. As a result, you will easily get used to new foods. But It is important to feed the baby weight gain .

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increase children's appetite

Remember some important tips:


01. Children will take some time to learn and accept new foods. So be patient at this time and help him to take new food.


02. Your baby’s first meal should be whole grains, such as rice, wheat; Various fruits such as bananas, apples or boiled and crushed vegetables such as potatoes and sweet potatoes.


03. Everyone likes rice in grains. It is easily digested and very few children are allergic to this food.


04. The taste of new food is very wonderful to the baby; Give one or two spoons of cereal twice a day in the beginning, gradually increase the amount and variety of food.


05. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before preparing and feeding. Dishes should also be washed with safe water. Even if you do not play with your own hands, it is better to wash your baby’s hands with soap before eating.


06. You sit comfortably while feeding him.


07. Use separate plates, bowls, spoons for baby. Do not feed from the bottle.


08. Do not give extra hot or cold food.


09. Give meals together with family members.


10. Don’t insist on food. Each new meal can be tried eight to ten times.

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11. Encourage the child to eat with their own hands.


12. Do not give food that can get stuck in the throat.


13. Refrain from watching TV or talking on the phone while feeding the baby.


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