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Interesting facts about Elon Musk


Interesting facts about Elon Musk

At the present time, Elon is the richest person in the world. He owns the world’s most top and biggest companies and has shares in other companies. We all have heard his name and show his picture on the internet. Elon musk is the name of innovation and risk taker. Now he is called a scientist’s scientist for his unbelievable innovation and massive project.  He is a self-made and self-learner person who has inspired uncountable people around the world to become like him. To think differently. Try to be creative and unique. His stories make us believe that any person can be achieved in anything that he works for.

But his journey was not that much easy. He has gone through many difficulties and struggles. Have seen many failures. But yet he achieves all the success and writes his name in the world’s history. Let us know some interesting facts and habits in detail to know him well. And be more inspired by his life story-

Childhood of Elon Musk

Elon musk was born on June 28th,1971 in the Pretoria, South Africa. He is a white African person who comes to America to build himself as an entrepreneur. Since his childhood, he was a self-learner person; when he go to school to educate himself. He finds it boring because he knows more than his age kids doses. He was not satisfied with his life in Africa and in the year 1988, obtaining a Canadian passport and left south Africa.


Early life innovation story

From his childhood, he was a creative and curious-minded person. His innovation started at an early age and learn programming languages and computers also. He builds a computer game and earns from it. he sells this game to a company for 500 dollars.

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In his youth time, he build a revolutionary money transfer system; it was an electronic payment firm called PayPal. In the upcoming days, he sell it too and build his new companies called SpaceX and Tesla. Even build Neural ink and the Boring company too.  He has proved himself a great leader and successful challenge taker every time.

The tragic story behind the Tesla and SpaceX

We all heard the phrase that every success story comes with thousand untold struggles. This story is not different than these wise words. Tesla is an automobile company that makes cars. Not just cars; it makes electronic cars. This company is creating a revolution for the upcoming generation of cars.

On the other hand, the well-known company called SpaceX is a space research canter and rocket manufacturer company. Its company is creating renewable or reusable rockets. Using a rocket for 2nd time was an impossible matter but Elon make it possible. Even American heroes such as Nail Armstrong, David buff, and Michel million think Elon is a crazy mad person. But still, he goes against his superheroes, who were his inspiration and makes built this system. now SpaceX is also collaborating with NASA on multi projects. And they are looking forward to exploring Mars. Their goal is to build a human living environment on the Mars.

Above those two stories sounds too inspiring but the journey was not that much easy. At a time Elon was so much a failure that he did not even have enough money to run these companies. It was time to shut down this company. But he fights till the end and invests his last penny in his companies. And now these two companies are leading the world to a new and modern civilization.

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Fact about Elon mask

  • Do you know Elon musk has sold his Tesla company to google? Yes, in the year 2013, when his company was at a great loss. He sold it and stay in the position of CEO.
  • Start with Zip2. We all know he has built massive startup companies and also invests his money in a startup. But did you ever think about which and what startup company he start with? Ir which one was the first of his first? The Zip2 was his first-ever startup company. He creates this company to provide newspapers with maps and business directories. In later days, he sold this company in the amount of 307 million dollars.
  • He is on the list of dropout genius. The world has seen many dropouts mastermind and Elon is one of them. Elon dropout this Ph.D. in physics just to start his first ever startup project Zip2. He was at Stanford University to pursue his Ph.D.
  • To explore and work on his crazy ideas he did not get any help from others. His study topics and work topics were so different that he always learn new things on his own. He becomes and rocket engine engineer on his own. He did not have any certificate or institutional education in rocket science.
  • Behind all the massive companies, Elon also has a nightclub. He uses this club to pay off his rent. He thinks that if he can make money easily to pay for his essential kinds of stuff. Why not took it?
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So he and his that-time roommate convert a large house into a nightclub to pay rent and earn extra money. It was a time when Elon was at the University of Pennsylvania as a student.


  • Not only common people but some legendary movies and characters are also inspired by Elon make. You heard the name Tony Stark; or Iron man for sure. Yes, his iconic character was inspired by this big man. Elon man is also known as the real-life Iron man.
  • Build a school to educate his children. Elon musk has 8 kids. From the beginning, he wants to build his child’s education system different and unique. He believes in learning more than getting a certificate. So he made a school. Where his kids learn who the world is. This school is called Ad Astra. Some of his employee’s kids also attend this school. It’s a nonprofit school. Kids learn every subject here in a unique way and put children in group work to emphasize math. Physics. Engineering and ethics.
  • When you become a legend does not matter that you can not like someone. Or you can not be a fan. Elon musk always has been a fan of rapping. When an interviewer asks him: everyone in this room is inspired by you- who are you inspired by? He replied – Obviously, Kanye waste. He praised Kanye waste much time publicly.


Those are some interesting facts about Elon Musk. Hope you like it and know something new about it.


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