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Why the liver is big


The location of the liver in the upper right part of the abdomen in the human body. Metabolism occurs in the liver for digestion of the food we eat. The liver produces bile which helps in digestion. It plays an active role in the elimination of various wastes from the body. The liver stores excess sugar in the body as glycogen, which is one of the main sources of stored energy. Many times abdominal ultrasonogram shows that the size of the liver has become larger. Then the question arises, why is the liver enlarged?

Why the liver is big

The reasons need to be known


■ Some viral infections can cause enlarged liver. Such as hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. In addition, the body is infected with herpes simplex, Ebstein bar and cytomegalovirus, but the liver is enlarged.


■ Bacterial infections such as Salmonella typhi, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, etc. can cause enlarged liver. In addition, some fungal infections may have enlarged the liver.


■ When there are complications in the metabolic process of the body, the liver often gets enlarged. Excessive fat deposits in the liver can lead to cancer if treatment is delayed. Then the liver becomes enlarged.

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■ Tumors or cancers in other parts of the body can spread to the liver. Then the liver may be enlarged. In many cases, cysts, tumors or cancer can also occur in the liver. At that time the liver is bigger than normal.


Excessive blood clots may also cause liver enlargement due to some diseases of the lungs, heart and blood vessels. In addition, the long-term use of alcohol is one of the reasons for the enlargement of the liver.


The symptoms that are seen


Many times the liver is enlarged, but there are no symptoms in the human body. As a result, the person may not realize that he is suffering from liver problems. Only tests can detect this problem. However, in the upper part of the right side of the abdomen, there may be symptoms such as excessive pressure, pain or feeling the wheel. Many times jaundice can occur when the liver becomes enlarged . Symptoms may include yellowing of the whole body, including the eyes, vomiting and blood in the stools, itching, and water in the abdomen and legs.


What to do


The real cause of liver enlargement needs to be identified at the outset. Then the treatment has to start. For this
you need to take the advice of a digestive and liver specialist .

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