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Mental health care


Mental health care and eating habits


In addition to the importance of physical well-being, mental health needs to be taken care of. If someone is upset mentally or suffers from depression for a long time, it has a big effect on the food. There are two types of complaints from Patient –


1. I am in mental turmoil, I am being given food but I am not gaining weight.


2. I don’t think there is much peace of mind, I eat too little and gain weight.


In other words, there is a huge change in the food with the mind not being good.


A huge physical change due to much more stress is seen in girls more than boys. The social context is most responsible for this. Mental abuse of girls in various ways is still going on in this era. There is also a lot of transition time in the lives of girls. There is a kind of life before marriage, then another new life, new family, new people, and at the time of becoming a mother again there is a huge physiological change. After having a baby again, there is post-partum depression. But in the case of boys, without this transition time and this biological change, they are much more risk-free.

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So when it comes to food I say take extra care for the girls. Foods that increase the activity of hormones that are able to give us a pleasant feeling in our minds, we ask them to turn around and put them on the daily food list. It’s not like you’re playing right now and you’re in a good mood. These foods should be eaten regularly.


The foods that you should keep, such as: Selenium in nuts will increase the production of your serotonin hormone and give a pleasant feeling. There are also tomatoes, bananas, yogurt, foods rich in omega fatty acids, tuna fish, salmon fish, chia seeds, etc. Once a year the body is checked up, but we are reluctant to talk to a psychologist about mental check-ups or problems. But there are tensions in everything, there are many ups and downs in life, one day you will get tired of fighting to show that you are always happy and happy.


Give yourself time. There is no need to go into a routine. Take occasional breaks for yourself. Walk under the open sky. Get ready. Do the things you want to do at least once a week. Meet loved ones. Tell a story. Maintain a good diet. A few hours of walking or exercise every day keeps the mind cheerful. Reveal to yourself the troubles that have been suppressed inside you. Seek the help of a psychologist. Get mental health support from a specialist. Be good to yourself, be good to the people around you.

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Mental health care

Men’s mental health

Men’s mental health can be poor! Social pressures, systems and so-called masculinity do not allow boys to express mental problems. Most people have the idea that men have mental problems again? But research speaks differently.

A total of 1,029 men participated in a study on boys’ mental health. About 31% of them said they had no friends to talk to in difficult times. That is, about one-third of men do not have a human mind to listen to?

– While women are more likely to attempt suicide, men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women.

– In particular, men aged 40-49 commit suicide the most.

– UK government research shows that men are less satisfied with their lives.

– Officially, men have less access to psychological therapy than women.

– 3 out of 4 people who are lost are men.

– 8% of men cannot sleep in peace.

– Three times more men than women become addicted to alcohol and various drugs.

– 15 times more men are jailed than women.

– Everyone has mental problems. So take care of the mental health of men along with others in the family. Create an environment where you can talk without judgment. Create a happy and prosperous environment together.

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