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Metaverse will change the world


On October 28, Facebook authorities changed the name of their parent company Facebook to “Meta”. Since then this meta-verse technology has become popular. Metavers was first seen in Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Snow Crash” in 1992.

meta-verse will change the real world?

What is this metaverse?


Metaverse is a virtual three-dimensional world where people can do everything from home. They will be able to enjoy the world while lying in their homes. Students will be able to take classes at home. Teachers can take classes from anywhere. People can do all the work of their officers from anywhere.

How is Metaverse possible?


In fact, even if a certain person is not in a certain place, a virtual clone of him will be in that place. Whom we can call Avatar. In the meta-verse, every human being will have an avatar which will be controlled by the owner of that avatar. As we see in a three-dimensional game.

The only difference is that this world is the real world. Tech giant Meta (formerly Facebook) has already talked about bringing Metaverse and in another presentation showed what Metaverse would look like. In the presentation Mark-Zuckerberg incarnates himself and his colleagues showing how they are sitting at home or on the veranda meeting their office, surfing the ocean. Metaverse is expected to bring a big revolution in our lives. Because Metavers will completely change our way of life.

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Also, according to Mark-Zuckerberg, there will be about 1 billion users of Metavers in the next 10 years, which is still just an idea.


VR box is a device used to experience the three-dimensional world. It is falling on the eyes in our heads. The same image we see in two dimensions on a normal mobile or PC is the same image we see in three dimensions in VR box.

We can also say VR box is the key to enter the meta-version. Because the user has to read this VR box to go to Metaverse. “Oculus” is a Facebook company that works on building VR boxes.

Impact of

Metaverse actually affects only one company but not the other. This will affect many industries, such as: gaming, education system, e-commerce, entertainment, etc.

According to many, metavers are harmful for us. Because it will separate us from the whole real world, again according to many it will bring one of the experiences in human life.

Many tech giants are already working on Metavers. These include: Epic Games, Facebook, Nvidia, Microsoft, Apple and many more.


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