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The mystery of the moon


This time the question is which way the moon rises and sets.

In the solar system, everyone revolves around the sun, and each planet and satellite revolves around its own axis. And here lies the one who rises and sets in which direction.

In fact, the moon does not rise in any direction and does not set in any direction. Because it is a satellite orbiting the earth.

the moon

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The moon or the sun never rises or sets. The earth revolves around the sun. Since the moon is a satellite of the earth, the earth revolves around the sun with the moon. And the moon revolves around the earth. You see the sun moving from east to west every day from the earth and this is the same for them.

moon and earth

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However, a question remains.

But we don’t see the moon the same way all month. This is because of sunlight. Whose bodies we do not see the same because it depends on the sunlight falling on the moon. We can see the different shapes of the moon because the part of the moon where the sun shines is facing us.

On the other hand, the answer to this question is the moon, they all rise in the east and set in the west. The main thing that works is that the planet spins somewhere. The earth spins to the east. So the moon and the earth continue to spin and make a way to go east and set west.

9 unknown facts about the moon

There are still many mysteries surrounding the moon. There is a lot of talk about this satellite of the earth. There are also many romantic names – Blue Moon, Crescent Moon, Full Moon and so on. Here is some information about this satellite which is seen with the naked eye in the night sky:

1. The moon is not round

The shape of the moon is actually like an egg. But when you look at it, you see one of its smaller two ends. The center of mass of the moon is not exactly in its geometric center. It is 1.2 miles away from the geometric center.

2. We do not always see the full moon

When we look at the moon, we see 59 percent of it. The remaining 41 percent of the moon is never seen from Earth. If you do not believe this information and go to the top of the hidden 41 percent of the moon to check if it is true, but you will not see the earth from there.

3. Blue Moon has been due to volcanoes

The term ‘Blue Moon’ is thought to have originated in 1883 after the eruption of Krakatoa volcano. At that time, the eruption caused so much dust and smoke in the atmosphere that when man looked at the moon from the earth, it looked blue. And from this came the word ‘Once in a Blue Moon’. This sentence is used to describe a rare event.

4. Plan to blow up the moon

The United States once really thought of detonating an atomic bomb on the moon. The purpose was to demonstrate the military might of the United States. Especially intimidating Russia. NASA’s top-secret plan was called “A Study of Lunar Research Flights” or “Project A119.”

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5. The eclipse is due to the dragon

When the moon falls between the sun and the earth, or when the moon stands between the sun and the earth, then the light of the sun or the moon is temporarily dimmed. This is called lunar eclipse or solar eclipse. An ancient Chinese belief is that an eclipse occurs when a dragon swallows the sun. Then the Chinese started making as much noise as possible for them so that the dragon would run away in fear.

The Chinese once believed that a giant frog lived inside a hole in the moon. The crater was formed when a rock from space hit the moon four billion years ago.

6. The speed of the earth is slow due to the moon

When the moon moves closest to the earth, tides are created. This happens immediately after the new or full moon. Then the rotating force of the earth also steals the moon. And that is why the speed of the earth is getting slower by about 1.5 millio-seconds every 100 years.

7. Moonlight

The sun is 14 times brighter than a full moon. It takes about four million full moons to shine as brightly as the sun. During a lunar eclipse, when the moon moves into the shadow of the earth, the temperature of the lunar surface can drop by 500 degrees Fahrenheit in less than an hour and a half.

8. Leonardo da Vinci understood what a crescent was :

When we look at the moon in the shape of a crescent or crescent, we see the light of the sun falling from the moon. The rest of the moon is very obscure. That also depends on the weather. The artist Leonardo da Vinci was the first to realize that the moon was not actually shrinking and expanding, but that some parts of it were hidden.

9. Moon made with cheese

There is much more to the moon that is still unknown to us. But the funny thing is that a survey was conducted in 1988 in Arizona, USA. It found that 13 percent of those surveyed believed that the moon was made of cheese.

How was the moon created?

The formation of the moon has always been a mystery to scientists. There is no life on the moon or there can be no life because there is no air or water, although data sent by India’s ‘Chandrayaan-1’ suggests that the moon may have a small amount of water which may be insufficient to sustain life. But a mystery about the moon has not been solved for a long time, and that is where our moon came from? The solution to this mystery has recently been found.


Until 1970, three theories about the origin of the moon were considered acceptable. According to the first , the moon is formed when a small part of the earth falls out of the equatorial region due to the rotation of the earth at high speed. According to the second view, the origin of the earth and the moon was simultaneously gravitational. According to the third theory, the moon originated as an independent celestial body which was later captured by the gravity of the earth.
George Darwin, son of Charles Darwin, was the first to formulate the theory of the origin of the moon as a result of the rapid rotation of the earth in 1879 AD. The main reason for his idea was the difference in density between the earth and the moon. He knew that the density of the earth was 5.57 and that of the moon 3.34, which is almost equal to the density of the outer layer of the earth. So the possibility of the Moon originating from the Earth’s outer layer material is not entirely unreasonable. Darwin also said that the Pacific Ocean was formed by the collapse of parts of the Earth’s outer layer.
This doctrine of George Darwin has long been accepted by the people. But then it was gradually realized that the speed of rotation of the earth was never so fast that the outer layer of the earth could fall out. Moreover, there was considerable uncertainty about the origin of the Pacific Ocean.First, the size of the Pacific Ocean is much smaller than the size of the Moon; This means that it is impossible for the moon to originate from objects that simply fall from the earth. Second, the moon, as the only satellite of the earth, has been orbiting the earth for about 4.5 billion years. In comparison, the Pacific Ocean originated approximately 750 million years ago, as a result of continental movement. Another inconsistency is the orbit of the moon. If the Moon really originated from a fragment of the Earth, then the Moon’s orbit should be parallel to the Earth’s equator. But in reality it is not. In fact, the Moon’s orbit is at a 28.5 degree angle with the Earth’s equator. So George Darwin’s idea was wrong.
This time, if we look at the second possibility, we will see some problems. If the earth and the moon really originated from the same element, then the density of both should be the same. But in reality it is not. So there is no reason for this idea.
The third theory regarding the origin of the moon came to the fore in 1950 AD. According to this theory, like the asteroids, the moon is also an independent celestial body which was captured by the gravity of the earth billions of years ago. But there is also a huge problem here, especially in the chemical composition of the moon. If the moon is really born like other asteroids, then they must have similarities in chemical composition which is not seen in reality.It has been shown that most asteroids contain large amounts of iron. The level of iron on the moon is negligible compared to that. Moreover, there is one more thing. This means that the moon is so huge that its momentum or momentum will be so high and its velocity will be so strong that it will be impossible for the earth’s gravitational ball to hold it. So it is clear that an independent explanation of the origin of the moon is also not reasonable.
After that 1975 and 1976 , two American scientists presented a new proposal on the origin of the moon. In their opinion, the moon may have been part of the earth in the past, which was later formed by the accumulation of debris from a massive collision with a small mass like Mars. According to them, the collision occurred approximately 4.5 billion years ago today, when our solar system is only 1.5 billion years old and when heavy metals such as iron and nickel have already moved to the liquid center inside the Earth. As a result, the level of iron in the outer layer of the earth becomes almost negligible and that is why the level of iron on the moon is also negligible.

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earth moon

But astronomers at first did not want to accept the giant collision theory. They refuse to accept that the moon originated from any conflicting debris. But later , with the help of computer models, they can understand how our moon could have been born from the debris emitted as a result of a collision with a mass the size of Mars . According to computer models, when the moon was born, its distance from the earth was only 32,000 kilometers. The Moon’s current distance from the Earth is 384,000 kilometers because the Moon is slowly moving away from the Earth. In a recent article published in the journal Nature, the theory of giant conflict is nourished.
Another unknown mystery of the moon is the discrepancy between its visible and invisible surface. Although the moon moves in orbit around the earth, from the earth we see only one direction or surface; The other side is never visible to us. That ‘s why before 1959 , people had no idea what the other side of the moon looked like. In the same year, the first Russian spacecraft ‘ Luna-3 ‘ sent a picture of the other side of the moon. ঐ The image shows that the structure of the invisible surface of the moon is very different from the structure of its visible surface – most of it is covered in high mountains and highlands. In comparison, most of the visible surface of the moon is covered by a vast flat area or ‘maria’.
Scientists have also found the reason for this huge difference between the two hemispheres of the moon. With the help of computer models, they have discovered that the first two moons formed as a result of a giant collision – one large and the other very small. The two moons initially orbit the earth at the same time, but later the smaller moon gradually moves closer to the larger moon and collides, causing the smaller moon to merge with the larger moon. According to scientists, the invisible surface of the moon is composed of the material of the small moon.
Thus, it is possible to find an explanation of the origin of the moon and its various perceived characteristics on the basis of the giant collision theory. It can be said that today we know where the moon came from.

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