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Must be visiting place in the Maldives


Must be visiting place in the Maldives

Every place has its own beauty. In the Asian continent, we can say some country is blessed with god-gifted beauty and Maldives is one of them. The Maldives is the land of the island and has uncountable places to visit. It’s a pure piece of natural beauty. On vacation of 7 days, one month, or 2 months; you can not visit all the places of this precious land. But it will be a great loss if you do not visit more top-notch places in the Maldives. We are here to provide a list of some best places that you need to visit for sure as a tourist. Let’s begin the list in detail-

  • Banana Reef – For the best diving experience.

The  Banana Reef is a famous place globally for people who love diving. This place is located in the North Mal – Atoll in the Maldives. Undoubtedly this place is one of the best places to dive in the whole world.

Even this place was the first ever place to get licensed to provide diving training. The specialist about the place is that this place has the shape of a banana. And that’s why this place is also named Banana Reef.

Banana Reef is one of the most active and exciting places in the Maldives for its adventure. You can experience underwater activities like Scuba diving, Jet skiing on the reef, and also snorkeling: as in other places like Maldive victor, Alimatha Island, Biyadhoo Island, and many others.

  • The HP Reef – the place of Corals and Caves

If you have interested to know and seeing the underwater beauty more deeply then the HP Reef is the best and most recommended place to visit on your vacation. The HP Reef is near the Banana Reef and located at the same place; North mall – Atoll. This place is the top-rated place for tourists in the Maldives. It will be truly hard to find a person who came to the Maldives and did not visit this place.

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This place is the marine life for diving and photography. Wildlife photographers come here regularly whole year to capture its stunning beauty. This place also got the best hospitality hotels on it. Hotel and spa centers like- Lily Beach repost and spa, The Somerset Hotel, and many reputed hotels are also there.

On the time of December and April will be the best time to visit this peaceful island.

  • Baros Island – known as the beaches of sun-kissed

We all have seen many photos of this place on the internet. Where it seems like the sun gives the kiss to the beaches and oceans. The Baros Island is the place where the sun meets the ocean. Did you ever think about if those pictures look this much beautiful, how will be the place in real? And do not you think that watching the sunset with your love of life will make this moment more precious? So why you will lose a great opportunity to visit this place?

Boras Island is known as the most relaxing place in the Maldives with the adventure of Scuba diving, Coral reef, and resort spa facilities. Visiting this amazing land from November to March will be a great option.

  • Huvahendhoo Island – The beach of soft white sandy.

The color white is the symbol of peace but did you think how peaceful can be it looks when you get this beauty and peace from nature?

Huvahendhoo is the place you exactly need to be on your vacation days with family and friends. This place is more than good enough to give you natural mental peace therapy. This place has a kids club for the children while the adults can have fun as they want. This place is for local people and foreigners as well.

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The Huvahendhoo has great hospitality for tourists peoples. You can swim in the pool, play tennis and beach volleyball. Billiard and spa at the 5-star hotels.

  • Whale submarine – The next level experience of the underwater tour.

Normal transportation system is common but did you ever think about the submarine tour? Sounds like something new right? Yes, you can have this amazing experience in the land of Maldives at the Whale Submarine.

The place is known for the common Lionfish sighting, Yellow Boxfish, blue snappers, and not at the end of the list but last the A school of yellow. Have some amazing experiences in top-notch hotels like Jen Male, Maagiri Hotel, and The Beehive.

Note – This place can be a great option to visit on your vacation at the time of November to April. This place is open from 9 AM to 8 PM.

  • The Majeedhee Magu – The street Shopping time

Shopping is something that we can not say no to it. When it comes to the matter of vacation, we all do it more than regularly we do. So you just need to know a great place for do shopping in a foreign land.

The Majeedhee Magu is a popular place for street shopping in Majeedhee Magu. From children or adults, everyone enjoys shopping there. You will find everything at a reasonable price, of course. This market is a place of mixed culture but still represents the culture of Maldives.

You can go and purchase anything anytime during the time 9 am to 11 pm; the time of market opening and closing. This market is known for street foods; visitors love to enjoy the local foods here. In this place, you can also stay in some well-organized cheap hotels.

  • Hulhumale – the beauty of the beach.
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Beach lovers always look for the beaches on their vacation. And the Maldives is what you asking for. The hulhumale is located in the North Male Atoll and has a well-connected travel system with the airport facility. This island is about 188 hectares with a mesmerizing view of palm trees. The most interesting and unique fact about the beach is, that this hulhumale beach is created by ingenious minds; this beach is an artificial beach located in the Maldives.

Undoubtedly you can have your best time and experience in the Maldives. Can make lifetime memories by enjoying the water sports adventure. Stay in hotels like – Amra palace and Reveries Diving Village.

Visit the Hulhumale at the time of November to January for the best experiences.

No matter where you go, we hope and pray that you came back with more enjoyment and memories. And of course, when you explore the beauty of the Asian side, the Maldives automatically comes on the list. So go and visit those places and make more memories for a lifetime. Going close to the nature makes you feel refreshed and inspired.

Enjoy our trip to the Maldives and we hope you will visit those places. And gain unlimited new experiences. The Maldives is a place of mixed beauty; artificial and natural. God has blessed this place with precious natural beauty and intelligent minds make this natural more attractive by building some artificial scenarios.


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