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Online whiteboard for education


Online whiteboard for education


The physical whiteboard was replaced by an online whiteboard at COVID-19. As a result, the process of digitizing education moved along more quickly. Instead of using whiteboards and projectors in meetings, video conferencing and screen sharing have essentially taken their place.

Teachers and students all across the world need more than just video conferencing tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams to conduct online instruction and research. When it comes to student participation and faculty collaboration, this is especially true.

Demand for online learning and teaching technologies has skyrocketed as education increasingly moves online. An increasing number of people use whiteboards on the Internet to communicate.

In this post, we’ll look at how online whiteboards might enhance the experience of online teaching and learning. We’ll talk about Dojoit, an online whiteboard. Teachers can create online lessons and work with students using this technology.


An online whiteboard is what it sounds like


A digital whiteboard can be used in place of a traditional whiteboard, allowing students and teachers to draw on an unlimited canvas. Content creators have access to a library of shapes and templates (i.e. charts, diagrams, posters, visuals, etc.). In addition, they make their content accessible to anyone with a computer or smartphone via the internet as well.

Using modern online whiteboard solutions such as Dojoit, teachers, and students can collaborate on the same canvas and interact in real-time. As a bonus, they are able to view each other’s mouse movements and actions.

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The use of an online whiteboard


Everybody gathers around an online whiteboard, just like they do in a classroom.


  • Make your online classes more enjoyable by increasing the fun element.
  • You can use a canvas online to create, sketch, and display your ideas.
  • Encourage active participation and cooperation.
  • Make online presentations and posters for your lessons.
  • Enhancing Instruction Using an Online Whiteboard


When it comes to using an online whiteboard, it doesn’t matter whether or not you currently do so. Here’s how to get the most out of them when teaching online.


Dojoit is a whiteboard for students to use on the internet


A whiteboard is mostly used for group brainstorming and brainstorming. In the classroom, it can be utilized to help pupils with their studies.

Invite students to work together on a paper using Dojoit as an example. To help students improve their work, you can send them an email or utilize a chat platform to send them a link to do so.

Dojoit can be used in a variety of ways to collaborate with students.


Dojoit’s online whiteboard comes in handy here


Using a Dojoit template or creating a new document is a great way to brainstorm.

The pupils’ names should fill in the spaces. Add video conferencing into the document so that you may collaborate with others. Use a third-party tool to connect with your pupils, share your screen, and observe their moves over the canvas to keep tabs on their progress.

Visual brainstorming techniques such as mind maps, idea boards, concept maps, affinity diagrams, lotus diagrams, and starbursting can all help generate new ideas.




Replicate the original to create several copies of the same document (such as an assignment).

You may also use the Google Drive interface to create, organize, and modify Dojoit documents.

When identifying the copied document, make sure to include the student’s name so that it is apparent who owns what. The student can then do as they choose.

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You have the option to review and comment on the assignment once it has been completed. It may also be advantageous to do a video call.


Workouts for a group


One of the most difficult components of online education is making sure that students and professors interact successfully during the course. Online whiteboards assist in bridging this divide by allowing both parties to work at the same time.

You may create crossword puzzles and hangman games in real-time using the Dojoit framework.


Produce and Disseminate Educational Resources


In online classes, it is essential to keep things short and to the point. As much as 400 percent more information can be absorbed when presented visually than when verbally.

These techniques can help you efficiently summarize and clarify a one-hour lesson. Using an online whiteboard, you may quickly and easily create and share visuals with your entire class.

Create offers pre-designed templates for more than 50 distinct chart and diagram kinds, in addition to flowchart designs.

You can also lookup additional shapes and images on the internet or upload your own.

There are a variety of formats for these images, including SVGs and PDFs that may be used for presentations and websites. Students can also receive a link to the project instead.


Let the world know what you’ve learned on an online whiteboard


The internet’s whiteboard is a gigantic canvas. A single page or a component of a larger presentation can be created with this tool.

It’s necessary to give each slide a distinct number or name. Dojoit will be easier to use as a result of this. As a result, this will greatly speed up the process of moving between slides.

Photos in a number of formats can be searched for and imported to liven up your presentation slides (JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF, for example).

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Zoom in on each slide as you go through the presentation to help the kids follow along and understand what you’re saying.


Preserving visual evidence on web whiteboard


Our ability to comprehend a lot of information is greatly aided by visuals. When teaching, use an online whiteboard to demonstrate important concepts in the form of a graph, chart, or diagram. Use the same equipment for taking notes, and encourage students to do the same.

90 percent of the information that is sent to the brain is visual, according to one research. As a visual aid, visuals help to retain information. Encourage your pupils to utilize their notes to build a mind map, concept map, flowchart, or other visual organization system using their ideas. This will help students remember more of the material they’ve learned.

Students can use Dojoit’s pre-designed templates when taking notes. Distribute a note-taking template to the students in advance of the session so that they can take notes.


The use of an online whiteboard for teaching and learning


Students lose interest after a long period of staring at a computer screen, and they become more receptive to what you have to say. Students and teachers are energized in a real classroom environment. Education may be made more collaborative by using an online whiteboard.


Please tell us how you use the internet to educate and learn. ( Lessonery)


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