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Where does oxygen come from at night?


Trees give oxygen during the day but not at night, so where do we get oxygen at night?


Discussion :

(By tree I mean the upper class)


The oxygen we need doesn’t just come from the upper class of plants and we don’t just take in oxygen, the plants are constantly using oxygen too. Our lungs process the filtration. Environmentalists are more concerned about the fact that our lungs are comparatively more damaged by air pollution.


Come to the question anyway.


Main Discussion:


Oxygen is produced by photosynthesis or photosynthesis. And algae account for 80 percent of this photosynthesis, with the remaining 40 percent being high-grade plants! It is thought that algae produced the first oxygen a million years ago, accumulating at 20.9 or 21 percent of the total atmosphere.

* Oxygen is again being generated from the loss of weight levels.



C.F.C. The chemical reaction of the gas with the weight layer in the stratosphere first produces chlorine monoxide (ClO.) And oxygen.


Later ClO. Oxygen molecules and chlorine atoms combine with radical oxygen atoms. Although seemingly good, weight loss and cosmic rays entering the earth on the one hand and free chlorine atoms on the other hand are carrying another terrible message of the destruction of the earth!

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Again some plants are just releasing oxygen at night!


In the same way, the plant continues to receive oxygen for the process of respiration. Sometimes plants also receive oxygen directly from the atmosphere. At night, in stagnant weather, there is a lack of oxygen concentration under large trees and plants. Although the concentration of oxygen on the surface is high. Its existence can be felt when it rises well above the flat ground.


Plants but also quite intelligent. All of the oxygen produced in photosynthesis is not released into the environment, but is also left for some respiration.


* Moreover, chemical reactions are going on regularly in various factories. Oxygen gas is being produced from there as an additional product but it is quite toxic. That is why it is advisable to clean it when exposed to the environment.


And yes, we are using naturally reserved oxygen. So it is important to use time properly! Trees should be planted in innumerable ways.


I don’t remember anymore. I tried to highlight the complex processes lightly.



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