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Why are people afraid? How to drive away fear?

When people are scared, all the senses start working together

Spiders? The circus clown? Tall building? Bloody body lying? Many people can start screaming when they see it suddenly.

Whether the fear is a physical process or purely psychological can be debated.

But why are people actually afraid? And this report on what can be an effective way to ward off fear.

Why are we afraid?


University of Manchester psychologist and author of a book on fear. Warren Mansell says, “It’s expressive, it’s related to biology and the key is survival.

We need to have a body prepared to escape or turn around in the face of any kind of fear or risk.”

Young Philly, presenter of a program called Don’t Scream


Sociologist said. “It’s important to quickly identify the cause of fear and find a way to get rid of it. That’s what keeps people alive,” said Margie Kerr.

Most of the time, when people are scared, they try to cope with a ‘fight or flight’ situation or they either run away from the situation or avoid it completely.

During this time the human heart rate increases, which gradually increases.

However, many face that situation with courage.

Someone again jumped at the suddenness of the incident, jumped up.

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This is because your brain does not have enough time to prepare for the kind of thing that is going to happen, but suddenly and in a terrible way you are in front of that situation.

There are so many types of fears


Andy Naiman, co-producer of London’s horror drama ‘Ghost Stories’, says it’s scary at first.

A scene from Ghost Stories

People find it ridiculous to react like jumping, but in reality it is a very difficult and sensitive situation.

“If you understand exactly what it is, it’s great to scare the audience, because they have no preparation for that situation.”

“Another kind of fear is that you won’t be shocked, but if you close your eyes, you will feel a tingling sensation in your spine.”

Mike Manser, who presented a podcast on horror movies in the UK, says that the worst thing that can happen to a horror movie is that it gets into people’s heads long after the movie is over.

“And the scariest thing is that nothing is happening in a particular scene, but you will still be scared. Suppose a deserted hotel corridor or a little boy trying to ride a tricycle alone — people are definitely scared to see these scenes.”

Create scary moments in dramas or movies

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Andy thinks that everything from lighting to music and special effects have a role to play in creating those special scenes in the movie.

“And if all goes well, you know, 900 people are screaming in fear in the hall together! That’s a great feeling for a producer.”

However, it is not an easy task to scare the viewer by creating almost the same scene in the same kind of story.

A slaughterhouse scene can also be scary if the creator can infuse the viewer’s senses with the buzz of flies, the smell of rotten meat and the feeling of a damp floor.

How to overcome fear


Psychologist Dr. Mansell says that if you are easily startled, or have a particular fear or phobia, you can practice some things yourself to get rid of it, again with the help of a therapist if necessary.

The first step is to prepare your mind, which means you know a particular situation embarrasses you, so instead of facing it right now, you deal with it as soon as your mind is fully formed.

As many have height fears, they should prepare their minds little by little.

And Dr. Kerr thinks that exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and breathing exercises can be done if necessary.

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In some cases, he thinks, exercise is also beneficial.

But after all, there are hardly any people who wouldn’t be shocked to see a spider, or a clown on the roof of a tall building.

But such incidents usually happen or a few days?

So there may be nothing to be afraid of sitting on the seat all the time – tell this to the mind this time..


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