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65 Best Photo Editing Apps


Check out 65 photo editing apps in one post, and save the apps you need.

Now is the age of internet. We have a powerful camera phone with all the great features. We all like to take more or less pictures, be it on social media or to retain old memories. But what if you edit that picture a little and give it a look at the next level? It’s not a bad thing.

Best photo editing apps

From where you are reading this article today, I hope everyone is physically and mentally healthy. I am starting today’s article wishing everyone well.

01. PicsArt – Photo Editing App


PicsArt is a mobile photo editing application called Adobe Photoshop for mobile. The PicsArt app has thousands of features and tools. This app has almost all the benefits of photo editing, from color change, background removal, background blur. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This amazing app of 39 MB has been downloaded more than 500 million times from Google Play Store and its rating is 4.2 stars.

02. Adobe Lightroom – Photo Editing App


Adobe Lightroom – photo Editor app is one of the best mobile photo editing apps. This app has a lot of tools to work with image color grading, lights, etc. There are also many more features in this Adobe app. The app is available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The 90-megabyte app has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.2 stars.

03. Snapseed – Photo Editing App


This mobile photo editing application is GoogleSnapseed mobile photo editing application full of all the great features and tools. It has many awesome features including photo color grading, lighting, background removal, double exposure. If you want to edit photos on mobile, you must try this app. This app is for both Android and Apple users. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.4 stars.

04. Photo Editor Pro – Photo Editing App


Another professional photo editing app on mobile is Photo Editor Pro. This is a small app of 15 megabytes full of all the great features. The user interface of this app is very simple, you can adapt to this new photo editing app in less time. There is no pair of this app to give your picture a nice look. The app has been downloaded more than 100 million times from the Google Play Store with a rating of 4.8. Which is the most on our list of photo editing software today.

05. Toolwiz – Photo Editing App


Toolwiz Photo Editing is another professional photo editing app for mobile photo editing. This app has some great features that you can use to enhance your image. The user interface of this app is very simple. There is nothing complicated in this great photo editing app. So it will be very useful for those who are new to photo editing. This app is for both Android and Apple. This excellent 88 megabyte mobile photo editing app from Google Play Store has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has a rating of 4.4 stars.

06. Photo Grid


Photo Grid is a great and great photo editing software and in this app you can create a collage of photos. The Google Play Store has a rating of 4.8.

You will get over 300 free templates and you will also be given the option of selfie cam and video slide.

You can easily find many features like background, color, shadow, border, filter, sticker.

07. Airbrush


Everyone wants that whenever he shows his picture to someone, it should be nice and bright so that the person in front likes our picture but our picture is not good even after repeated attempts.

But the Airbrush app has a live camera, with which you can apply many effects while taking pictures.

If you want to fix acne, teeth and radiance of your face, then you must use this app once. With it, you can give your face a natural look.

You can use all the special features of this app completely free and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

08. Pixlr


Pixlr is a very nice and famous photo editing app where you can make your photos better than Photoshop. In it you will see a variety of tools and effects. If you want to make your picture better, you can download it.

In it you will find many tools such as; Crop, Rotate, Double Exposure, Adjustment, Auto Fix, Auto Contrast, Blur, Smooth, Sharpen, Splash, Heel or Red Eye etc.

photo editing

09. Toolbuzz


Toolbuzz is a great and great photo editing application that has been downloaded by over 10 million people so far and you will find many new features in this Android app. In addition to crop, text add, color effects you will get many more features.

You can also change the look of your photo and create a photo collage at the same time.

In this app you will find tools like mosaic, magic cut out, blending mixer, lens correction etc. With it you will get brightness, exposure, color balance and many kinds of filters and effects.

10. Beauty Plus


If you like to take selfies and want to make your photos beautiful then you can take the help of Beauty Plus photo editor. In it you will find lots of fun and beautiful stickers, colorful filters and this is what most girls use.

With it, you can make your picture more fun.

11. Photoshop Express


Photoshop Express is a very popular mobile photo editing app from Adobe Photoshop. Through which you can edit many beautiful and interesting professional photos.

This app has been released in 2016 in which many important features such as JPEG, Raw, PNG files can be used to edit photos in a beautiful way .

However, to use this app, you must first login with a Gmail, Facebook or Adobe account.

Download – 100+ million.
Owner – Adobe Inc.
Rating – 4.5 / 5.


  • There is a shot healing function to remove the spot from the selfie.
  • There are options to reduce the color noise of the photo and sharpen the photo.
  • There is an option to create a collage of professional quality.
  • Various blur options such as full blur, radial blur etc.

12. Photo Director


Photo Director is a multipurpose photo editor. This is a photo editing app with powerful tools. Photo Director has a stylish and user friendly interface. It is packed with a number of powerful tools including Photo Retouch, Photo FX, which has made this app the center of attraction for many. The app also has a built-in camera and direct social sharing features. This is a completely free photo editing app. However, it does not have an ad-free user interface.

Owner Cyber ​​link corp.

Rating – 4.6 / 5.

Downloads – 50 million.

Feature –


  • Built-in camera with live effects supported.
  • There is an FX feature to apply effects to specific parts of the image.
  • Content-Aware tool for removing unwanted objects from photos.

13. VSCO


VSCO is basically like a social media app but only for photos. It’s a bit like Pinterest in the sense that users can post their photographs for other VSCO users to take a look and appreciate.

In addition to being a platform for sharing your photos, VSCO has a built-in photo editor that works great for basic editing in light and color, just like Lightroom. You can change the brightness, contrast, saturation and color dimensions of an image by sharpening or adding some grains.

While most tools at VSCO are freely accessible, some features, such as HSL tuning, require you to be a member. VSCO is a great photo editor especially for its built-in filters.

14. Canva


If you’re a graphic designer or you use a template to create cover photos for social media or anything like that, you’ve probably heard the canvas . It is a popular website that can be used for photo editing and is also available as an app on Android.

Canvas offers many templates for multiple uses like Instagram Post, Story, YouTube Thumbnail, Poster, Flyer, Invitation Card etc. It is very easy to create an interesting image using existing templates. If you want to be more creative, you can also choose to create your own picture entirely from scratch. If you want to design or edit photos for specific templates and purposes, look no further.

15. Lumi


Originally based on social media based photo editing, the app Lumi has many powerful photo editing tools and some beautiful eye-catching effects. You can also create your own filters in the app if you want. Everything in the Lumi app

  • Photo filters and effects.
  • Advanced Color Mode Editor.
  •  Double exposure.
  •  Glitch effects.
  •  Photo edit timeline and much more.
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16. Prisma


Yes, that’s right. At one time, the app Prisma, which has received a lot of response on social media, is being talked about. There is nothing new about this app. Filled with all the filters of basically artistic style, the splendor of the Prisma app is still intact on social media platforms.

17. Mix


It is very easy to edit pictures suitable for social media using all the latest filters and feature-rich app mix. All the unimaginable effects and some powerful tools will be seen in the app. Everything in the Mix app –

  • Basic photo editing.
  • Advanced filters.
  • Curve and color mode editing.
  • Over-layered texture.
  • Transform feature.
  • Retouch feature.
  • Tiny Planet features and more.

18. Vimage


It would not be a mistake to introduce the Vimage app as an app that animates images or converts images into videos. Basically, animation or various animated effects can be added to the image using the app. Note that the app was selected as the best app of 2017 in Google Play Store.

19. PixaMotion Loop


PixaMotion is an animated photo editor app where you can work with live photos, wallpapers and moving backgrounds and a variety of live animation effects.

PixaMotion is a powerful visual image editor app that no other app offers. You can also add sound to the picture and see the camera effect.

Finally you can share the picture between Instagram or Facebook. The PixaMotion app has 19mb and more than 1 million downloads.

20. Enlight Pixaloop


Friends, if you want to take the picture to the next level and get a lot of likes on Instagram, Facebook, you must use this app once.

Enlight Pixaloop or Motionleap by Lightricks Mine feature is live animation. Suppose you take a picture, there is sky in the background, this app is possible to move the sky live.

You can also use different effects in the photo. You can take the help of this app to tell the story on Facebook and WhatsApp.


  • Add photo animation with a few taps and swipes.
  • Simple arrows set photo motion direction.
  • Freeze sections of photos with a Freeze brush.

21. Comics and cartoon maker


Friends, you can understand from the name of this app that you can create comics and cartoons with the help of this picture.

If you want to make a picture look like a comics character, you can do it very easily from this app.

Here you will see different comic filters like comic has different options of black and white, line drawing, collar full animation.

Anyway, if you like cartoon characters very much, you want to like cartoon dp on social media like facebook, instagram, also if you want to create memes, there is no better app than this.

22. Afterlight


The specialty of Fred’s Afterlight is that with this app you can edit beautiful pictures taken by nature.

Such as hills, mountains, sunset, gardens, this is a picture where the light is more or less, there is a lot of color control, there are many tools to adjust the light, especially the light control.


  • 66 TEXTURES.
  • provide a list of 77 different frames.

23. PicsArt Studio


This app has almost all the tools you need to design and customize the image perfectly. There are more than three thousand tools in the PicsArt studio app. The app has currently been downloaded more than 500 million times  from the Google Play Store .

This application has features like auto fixing, draw, frame, one touch effect, crop, collage, sticker. There is a built-in camera and the facility of direct social sharing. This includes a collection of all the more awesome photo filters. Which are able to give Unix in the picture. Apart from just photo editing, the drawing mode here is also very featureful.

The application can be easily downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. However, the free version of Pix Art does not have an ad-free user interface. Which is why you don’t have to face annoying ads. So this application is undoubtedly one of the editing applications. You can easily do photo editing through it if you want.

Special Feature: –

-It has brush mode to apply effects to special parts of the image.

– There is an artificial intelligence effect that makes the image more attractive.

-Built-in camera with live effects supported.

24. YouCam Perfect


YouCam Perfect is an easy to use Android application. That is why it is also called the popular selfie editor. It is a very popular and very good picture making software or app. The app has been downloaded over 100 million times from the Google Play Store.

With the built-in camera feature in the app, you can easily take a selfie as well as take a video selfie and edit it very easily. People who love to take selfies can try this app. Hope you like it.

Special Feature:

-Group selfie has multiple face detection features.

– Includes cutouts and removal tools to remove unwanted objects from photos.

-Instantenhancement’ supported.

other app : YouCam Makeup – Selfie Editor apps.

25. Photo Lab


Another popular photo editing application on today’s list is Photo Lab. This app has 900 plus effects. Through which you can give a more extraordinary look to the picture. It also has all the tools including photo rotating, flipping, cropping, healing .

If you want, you can save the photos in the gallery after editing them in the application or you can share them on any social media. You can easily download the application from the Play Store.

However, there is an undesirable aspect to this application. And that is that after editing the photo, the watermark remains. Moreover, the application does not have an ad-free user interface.

Special Feature:

– The app has 900+ effects.

-One Touch Photo Edit supported.

– Advanced face detection algorithm.

26. Cymera Camera

Cymera Camera is basically a selfie camera app. You will find many effects  here, especially for selfies  . All Android phone users can use this app. In this app you can use different fonts.

Real-time selfie filters, selfie sticks, selfie filter, selfie beauty makeup tools, collage marker ,  color  etc.  This allows you to do photo editing  very easily  .

27. Footer

This application gives you the freedom to apply a variety of preset effects, themes, frames and stickers that simply make your inner photographer more creative. You can create collages from your huge collection of different photos. In addition to being so user friendly and impactful, it gives you the option of orientation, resizing and much more. Windows Phone or Windows Phone.1.1 is a prerequisite for running this application on your device.

28. PhotoFunia

This free photo editing application for Windows Phone works on version 7.5 and later. Because it is a web application internet connection must use this amazing photo editor. You don’t have to be overwhelmed to use PhotoFunia, because this app is so user friendly that it makes your editing and aspirations smooth and subtle. Say the Eiffel Tower, the amazing themes found online in this app allow you to change locations, for example, you can simply click on one of your photos and place it in a predefined location available in this app, and it will appear as if you were actually standing under a huge tower. Also, the effects are so great that you can look in any mirror or pose for a picture while lying on the green grass. In addition to these amazing features, PhotoFunia supports a variety of image formats and allows you to resize and edit the pixels of your photos, editing or unpublishing.

29. Super photo

This application requires web association to work in the same way, yet it saves a lot of effects that you can apply to the photos you take or Facebook photographs. When contrasted with different applications, the effects included in the super photo are more creative. What’s more, the super photo categories are categorized into combos, compositions, edges, examples, channels, etc. so you can apply them without applying them. Despite the proliferation of notable channels,You can only buy premiums. The advantage of premiums is that they do not allow ads to be a hindrance when you are completely engrossed in editing your photos. This is a great photo editing application for Windows that gives you different options and freedom to resonate with different effects and features and create great images when you click on General.

30. Fantasia Painter

Fantasia Painter is a combination of a photograph manager and a painter app. Using this application, you can apply hundreds of effects to your images; Similarly, you can use your innovative, masterful attitude to draw your picture using an assortment of accessible brushes. Fantasia Painter strengthens Windows Phone 7 and later forms and is a great app for adults and kids. Accessible effects in Fantasia Painter include color, vintage, exotic, composition, color, blurred, soft painter and much more. Ads can be a barrier to free applications, yet you have a choice to go for ace adaptation by paying 1 USD. Also,The features that this photo editing app gives you make you look no less than a professional photographer or editor. This is a good way and platform to learn different techniques of a good photo editing technique. This photo editing app is a must if you want to submit your photos for publication there, if you don’t have skills about Adobe Photoshop or other similar huge editing software. The only condition is that you have a Windows Phone 7 or later.

31. Photo editor by Aviary

Photography Editorial Manager by Aviary Aviary, one of the most well-known application engineers on various cell phone platforms, has created a photo-converting application for gadgets running on Windows Telephone 8. This free app has separate sections, for example, Photo Editor Manager, effects, trimming, drawing, stickers, content and much more. At the point when contrasting with Android and iOS applications, Aviary Photographer Manager focuses on changing photographs, as far as the elements are concerned. Although it lags behind the thread, knowing the features of Aviary Photo Editor in drag makes you a better editor. And if you’re not an editor, your photographs look great and beautiful at the end of the edit.

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32. PicSketch

As the name implies, PicScatch is a kind of limited photograph proofreader, however, it allows you to transform a photograph into a presentation using a few simple taps. When you include an effect or a feature in a photo, you have complete flexibility to reproduce the changed image parts. This way, you can change the power, contrast, splendor, image and much more even after you save the final draft of your image. PicSketch consists of over fifty techniques for drawing your picture. When you roll out your improvements, you can share that image with your peers and supporters in just a few clicks, and enjoy still moments while appreciating the beauty of those moments through PicSketch edited images. Thanks to PicSketch!

33. Sense the color

This free photograph proofreader for Windows Telephone is a bit like the ones described earlier! The application works in the light of the rules that intelligent changes in the shadow of the image can make them wonderful. This app works best by highlighting the need to emphasize a few items or certain colors in the image you have captured or stored in the exhibition. You will have the ability to change different parts of the image, for example, by immersion, politeness and a few more taps. You can run this application if you have a gadget running Windows Phone 7.5 or later forms.

34. Photostatic


This free Windows Phone app is designed to create wonderful collages using the images you have as part of your personal collection. Nonetheless, the app has more than 30 photo effects, the ability to include stickers, a custom foundation for outlines, and more. If you are a kind of Facebook owner, you can use some uniquely designed edges keeping in mind the ultimate goal of creating amazing Facebook cover photographs. This application is a free and downloadable and usable.


35. Camera 360


Camera 360, as its name suggests, is a camera application for Windows Phone that works in resonance with an incredible photo editorial manager. When these two are combined, the Camera 360 becomes a kind of gift for everyone who might want to take significant pictures, change them, and share them. Camera 360’s built-in editorial manager provides a variety of effects that you can apply to photos. As a camera app, it has an innovative compass device that helps you take great pictures instantly. It is clear that fans of every photography should see this brilliant application. To use Camera 360 you need a gadget running Windows Phone 8 or Windows Phone 8.1.


36. B162


We should know the name of this app if we want to do the best photo editing work on mobile. However, with this you can edit your selfie very quickly. It has about a hundred interesting filters and editing tools. And the biggest thing is that it allows you to take pictures in real time beauty effect and this picture becomes almost vivid. In addition, you can edit any photo in the gallery using beauty effects. This app is usually very popular with girls. It has instant makeup facility. There are also thousands of tool stickers and more. It is installed by over 500 million people.


37.  Candy camera


This is one of the most popular and best photo editor app for Android. The reason is simple – it offers a wide range of filters designed specifically for selfies.


It has filters that make your skin beautiful. It also has a collage maker, which you can use to create a unique collage.


38. Capslice Photo Editor


Although not very popular, Capslice Photo Editor is still one of the best photo editing apps you can use on Android. The app is known as a photo editor with fast processing.


Capslice Photo Editor offers you lots of photo editing tools. You can use the app to adjust the color balance, adjust the color temperature, add photo frames, adjust the brightness and contrast, and much more.


39. Cymera


OK, Cymera is a selfie camera and photo editor app for Android. With this app, you can either take amazing selfies or edit existing ones. In addition, the app offers a wide range of effects to enhance your selfies.


Cymera’s photo editor lets you adjust the color balance, adjust the resolution, add blurring effects, crop photos, and more.


40.  Line camera


The Line camera app comes with a powerful photo editor. The powerful photo editing tools in this app let you express your inner creativity.


With Line Camera, you can create high quality collages, add great touch and much more. So, you should try this free photo editing app for Android.


41.  Bonfire Photo Editor


Bonfire Photo Editor is a great Android app that can meet all your photography needs. The app has a professional photo editor that enables users to enhance their photos in real time.


The app comes with a nice interface and it hosts a lot of great photo filters Therefore, Bonfire Photo Editor is one of the best photo editors in Android.


42.  LightX


LightX is another Android photo editor that you must have. The app has almost everything you need to be the best photo editor in the Google Play Store.


You can edit photos with many advanced photo editing tools like color blending, curve, level, vignette effect. You can also edit image brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, shadows and highlights.


43. Focos:


Who doesn’t like to take pictures in portrait mode, this mode focuses on the content of the picture and blurs or blurs everything else. However, the old mobile phones of iPhone and Android do not have this feature, even the new mobile phones do not work properly. And the solution to this problem is this app. You can blur or focus on any image content using this app available in the App Store. This app will enhance the beauty of your photo many times over.

photp editing app


44. TouchRetouch


TouchRetouch is a standard photo editing application that is popular for removing unwanted objects from your images. Many photo applications have tools that perform this same function, but it depends on Touchretouch only and its processes are simple.


To move an object, just use your finger to highlight and see it disappear! The application automatically replaces the selected object with pixels from the surrounding area.


Furthermore, its fault remover tool is perfect for creating flawless portrait photos, while the line removal tool makes it easy to remove electrical cables from your image.


45. Autodesk Pixler


AutoDesk Pixlr is a free photo editor app with over 2 million combinations and a variety of effects, filters and overlays.


The app lets you create photo collages with different layouts, backgrounds and spacing options. In addition, it has an auto-fix feature that maintains the color balance of your photos. That’s not all, multiple photos can be layered and mixed together.


AutoDesk Pixlr offers a variety of editing features that you can use to turn your image into something stunning. And available for Android and iOS users.


46. Measure


Measure is another photo editing app that lets you apply textures, light leaks and gradients to your images.


It provides a seamless and non-destructive workflow, so you can adjust and edit photos at any stage of the editing process without worrying about losing the quality of your files.


Plus, it allows you to save and edit your own formulas, so it’s easy to apply the same mix of edits to multiple photos.


The measure is perfect for creative business owners to create attractive, heavily edited photos.


47. Carbon


Carbon is a photo editing app that is great for creating dazzling black and white photos.


The app has over 50 preset filters with various black and white effects, so you can always find the one that fits your photo.


In addition, the app has filters that help you create unique wine effects like grunge textures, grains, light leaks and bokeh.


48. Camera +


Camera +  is a great app for business owners looking to shoot and edit photos in a complete program.


It provides enhanced shooting modes such as stabilization for intense photo capture and bursting for quick action shots. After you take a picture using Camera +, you can edit it directly in the application.


The app has basic editing functions like cropping, adding borders and applying captions – and more advanced features, such as clarity, visual mode and lightbox.


Camera + has built-in social media integration, so you can quickly upload a photo to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. This is only available for iOS users.


49. Superposition


If you are looking for an app that lets you mix and overlay images, Superposition is for you.


This app is ideal for business owners looking to create professional-grade photos where multiple images are wrapped together and blended together.


You can easily mix two images, smooth out the edges, add masks or mask different parts of an image and adjust the color, exposure, contrast or saturation of both images.


It’s a simple, mobile alternative to working with layers in Adobe Photoshop While its focus is mixing images, it also provides tools for editing photos.


editing apps


50. Lens distortion


Lace Distortion is an application that is ideal for combining the effects of sunlight, lens flares, rain, snow and fog.


Its high-quality overlays include sunlight, lens flares, rain, snow and fog. There are shimmer effects and glass elements to add sparkle or blur to your image.

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51. A color story


With over a million downloads, One Color Story is one of the most popular photo editing apps.


This app is ideal for business owners looking to create new images and videos with popping colors.


In addition to basic editing functions like cropping, a color story has over 100 available filters. Once your photo is edited, you can save it to one grid and start editing another, which helps you create an integrated photo grid for social media.


A color story is available for iOS and Android devices.


52. Instagram


Although a social media channel, Instagram provides one of the best tools for enhancing your images right before you share them.


The app lets you make basic editing / adjustments to your photos, providing you with the basic editing tools you need.


It has a nice range of colors and black and white filters to change the look and feel of your photo.


Instagram may not be as diverse as other photo editing apps, but it certainly provides the tools you need to make an initial adjustment to your photos.


53. DarkRoom Photo: Photo Editor


DarkRoom Photo: Photo Editor is a great editing application for editing multiple images at once. You can create Siri shortcuts, edit photos or live photos, manage hashtags related to your photos, and sync your entire photo album.


The best part is, you don’t have to be confined to your phone. You can edit photos taken with a digital camera.


The app has lots of filters to choose from and even lets you create your own. It is only available on iOS.


54. Photofox


PhotoFox is a powerful photo editing application that lets you move things from background to blend into new backgrounds.


Its scattering effect makes your subject explode into particles, as well as the glide effect and the double exposure that overlays the two images on top of each other.


PhotoFox is only available for iOS users.


55. Festune2


Facetune2 – Selfie Editor, Beauty is one of the best photo editing apps designed to enhance selfies and portraits.


The application can widen the smile and brighten the teeth. Also, it can be used to remove pimples and blemishes and to lighten dark circles under the eyes.


Not only that, you can use the app to refine the jaw lines, change the shape of the nose, add color to your lips and apply blush shades and eye shadows.


56. Repix


Repix is ​​another photo editing app used by over 10 million people worldwide. It has over 25 impressive brushes and filters that transform your images into compelling pieces.


57. Befunky Photo Editor


It is one of the best photo editing applications for Android free download that provides all the appropriate editing tools compatible with certain special effects available on other Android phones or tablets, for example, Polaroid, Halftone, Filmstrip etc. photo frames etc. Here is the official role of Befunky Photo Editor.


58. Aviary


Aviary is a great photo editing application that works with an interface that is really easy and fun. You can organize all the tools of your choice so that your preferences are at the top of the list and a step swiped left or right will undo or redo a step, while a simple pitch zoom will be closer to precision edits.


Included in the aviary are tools to enhance your image with one-click color manipulation suitable for beautiful pictures, portraits and food pictures. Each will fit automatically the color adjustment to best fit your chosen photo type. You can also adjust the colors by changing the brightness, contrast, warmth, sharpness and saturation levels.


You can adjust the orientation of a photo, crop it to a custom size, define a focal point to delete the rest of the photo, and choose a variety of effects, frames, and stickers, including the option to purchase more if desired.


Aviary also has a red-eye remover, font tool, tooth whitener, color splash tool, blur tool, stain remover, brush tool, and meme creator.


When you finish editing, the image edited with Aviary is automatically saved to your device, and you can then share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email, or text. You can print it on Walgreen or import it into another app that accepts files like Dropbox.


59. BeFunky


BeFunky is a very simple application to use because you can simply slide the side of your finger to adjust the intensity of the tools.


With BeFunky you can do a lot of things like cropping, straightening and rotating an image. You can adjust the brightness, light, contrast, color, soft, exposure, temperature, saturation, and other settings.


BeFunky has a text tool and can apply an effect to an image as well as a border. Includes a red eye remover, eye color changer, lipstick apple, fork remover, and, among others, a tooth whitener tool.


Undoing changes is very easy with BeFunky, because it shows the thumbnail history of the changes you made so you can easily determine how much you want to undo the image.


Once you’re done using BeFunky, you can download the edited image to Camera Roll, save it to your BeFunky account, or send it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or Flickr.


60. piZap


piZap lets you make an edit from your image or your Facebook account on your device. You can also open a free background image from a gallery loaded with the app.


The first step allows you to crop the image and then you can add an effect, text, stickers and borders, as well as remove the background of the images. There is a brush tool so that you can draw any color in your picture within the size of four brushes.


Because PZAP supports layers, you can import multiple photos on top of the original, as well as move stickers on the back or front of other images.


When editing, you can save the image to your device or send it to Facebook, Twitter, or email.


61. ElementFX


ElementFX is a clean image editing application, but it’s very limited: watermarks appear on your image when you save it, and the app is supported by ads.


If you are willing to pay for them, you can choose from 60 more free effects, but only two images can be applied at once. The opacity, position, size, and brightness of each effect can be changed and you can even delete part of the effect to really customize how your image looks.


Zooming is supported with ElementFX, which definitely comes in handy when removing any effect parts.


When you have finished using this application, you can save the image to the camera roll and share it via email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Flickr. You can send the image a postcard to someone’s physical address for a few US dollars.


62. Pixlr Express – Photo Editing


One of my favorite apps. Many times this app seems better to me than Picsart. Although a lot of creative work can be done with this Picsart. With Pixlr Express you can apply some awesome effects to your photos. Which will give your picture some interesting look. Moreover, these apps have some amazing features. You can add text to your image with more than one hundred fonts. Moreover, there are some fire effects in these apps, which is really amazing. Can try. I hope you like the app.


63. Photo Funia


Photo Funia Many people may have heard the name of this app. Hey, Photo Funia is a great app for working with photos. There is also an online version of the Photo Funia app that allows you to make your photos more attractive by working online. 90% of the work is already done in the Photo Funia app. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. To say that many effects are given in the simple app. All you have to do is select the cover of your choice and put your picture. Real work can be done beautifully through this app.


64. Camera MX


The latest update of this app is that all the paid effects of this app can also be used in the free version. Camera MX is one of the most popular apps. The work of this app is also amazing. The app has been downloaded over 7 million times in over 100 countries on Google Play Store. In addition, the Camera MX app can be used to record photos and videos directly with the camera and save them to work at full resolution. With more than 20 effects you can make your selfie more attractive. Which is really nice to see.


65. Mirror Image Photo Editor Pro


Mirror Image Photo Editor Pro With this app you can take two pictures of any of your pictures or make mirror pictures. What I mean is that if you look at the icon, you will understand. Moreover, this app contains more than 50 photo frames and more than 40 new photo effects. Understand how many things you can do with one app. The biggest thing is that they have added more than 15 new mirror effects in the new update of this app. If you do not use which will really miss a lot.


What we learned today:


So friends, today we have learned about which apps can be used to edit pictures on beautiful and attractive mobiles or about the software for editing pictures. Thus almost all the photo editing software and all the interesting features are given. I hope you have found the answer to your question photo editing app easily through this article.


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