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Problems with preventing food in the teeth


Stopping food between the teeth does not only ruin the satisfaction of the food, it also causes annoyance. After eating delicious food, especially meat or fibrous food, it is uncomfortable to get some part in the gap between the teeth, it is also extremely embarrassing to bite.


If the contact point of the tooth is correct, it does not stop suddenly in the gap of food. But the center can be damaged due to various reasons including dental caries, imbalance of teeth and jaw bones, tooth gaps, defective dentures, long time replacement caps, structural abnormalities. Then the food easily enters.

preventing food in the teeth

The first part of the food does not cause much trouble. But later on, innumerable germs, food particles mix with the frozen food and cause inflammation in the gums between the teeth. Different types of problems occur if treatment is not taken at the right time. Complications include: bad breath, swollen gums, bleeding, gum and bone damage, tingling sensation when the roots of the teeth are exposed, pain, loss of taste of food, formation of pockets between the teeth, loss of tooth marrow, loss of teeth Is. It is not understood at an early stage that it occurs between two teeth. If the marrow is affected, it is understood after the pain.

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To do


For those who have a tendency to put food in the gaps of their teeth, if you brush your teeth in the usual way, that food will not come out. Many people destroy tooth enamel by brushing harder to get food out again. Most people use traditional wooden toothpicks, metal sticks and many others with safety pins, medicine strips or whatever they get at hand. This causes inflammation in the gums, the gaps get bigger, and the tooth tissue is damaged. Dental floss or inter dental brush is the means to safely remove food from the gaps in the teeth.


Patients with uncontrolled diabetes, inhaler users, kidney, liver or heart patients, people with low immunity should take salt in mouthwash or lukewarm water.


It can be normalized with filling therapy as the gap becomes larger. This feeling is called class to feeling. A little more sensitive than normal filling. Feelings can easily be lost without good medical supplies or experienced physicians. If multiple teeth are random, orthodontic treatment may be needed to make the teeth beautiful and well-groomed. If this happens in place of the cap, the cap needs to be changed.


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