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Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to refrain from smoking


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50 Kazalshah, Newleg.
10 March 2022

Dear Shuvo,
I am very shocked to learn that you have been habituated to smoking. Mother wrote to me about it. It is not at all fair for a boy like you. You should remember that smoking cigarettes is a very dangerous habit.

Smoking does a lot of harm. A single puff of cigarette smoke contains 15 billion particles of substances which are very dangerous for health. The most harmful substance in cigarette smoke nicotine. It constricts the blood vessels and causes blood pressure leading to heart attack. Excessive smoking may lead a person to premature death.

I suggest you to give up smoking just now and never to indulge in such dangerous habit again. Do give up smoking, if you love yourself.

Hope this finds you quite hale and hearty.

Yours elderly

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