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10 Easy Ways to Remember to Read


‘I don’t remember reading’ or ‘I forget what I read’, this is the complaint of almost everyone. It is very difficult to find someone who is not more or less frustrated with not remembering to read. However, if you are disappointed with the matter will not work. It is possible to get rid of this problem by following a few simple strategies. Today I will write about 10 such simple strategies. Let’s learn the techniques to remember reading-

Ways to remember reading:

10. 10 minutes walk before reading:

10 minutes of walking or light exercise before sitting at the reading table increases the capacity of the brain. It is very useful to remember to read. A study from the University of Illinois found that walking 10 minutes before reading increased brain function by about 10 percent. Then start studying after a short walk.

9. Feel the urge to read:


I have to draw attention to the subject I am going to read. Or try to read in an interesting way. It will be easy to remember.

According to medical experts, when a person is attracted to something, it is easily converted into memory or memory in the brain and it lasts in memory.

8. Staining using coloring or marker pens:


Many of us are marked or stained. It is also quite effective in remembering to read. Marking increases the attraction and interest towards a word or sentence. It also increases the visual effects of the brain which helps in remembering the reading.

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7 . Read more and practice more:


Our brains turn transient memories into long-term memories only when they are repeatedly input. Repeated inputs result in structural changes in the brain’s memory structure that help create lasting memories.

6. Get in the habit of writing or drawing:


The interest in reading increases as you write or draw pictures as soon as you read something. Because according to neuroscience, writing or drawing something stimulates most parts of the brain and converts the picture into permanent memory. As a result, reading is long lasting in the brain. It is generally understood that the things in the book that are explained with pictures are the ones that we remember the most. Even during the test, the picture of the book floated in front of my eyes. So writing or drawing is very effective.

5. Read using Concept Tree:


Dividing the chapters into several sections before reading a topic is helpful. It can be compared to a tree. Considering the tree as a chapter, writing a summary of the parts on each page makes it easier to remember to read. This method is called concept tree. It is quite effective in remembering the reading.

4. Choosing the right time to read:


Many people think that when they read at any time, they think that they remember more when they read all day and all night. This is a very wrong idea. Because our brains can’t always work the same way. Some studies have shown that our brain function tends to increase in the afternoon. So it is more effective to read in the afternoon, that is, in the evening or at night .

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3. Making Nimnik ( Mnemonic ):


Our brains can’t remember the random things. So if you arrange something in the form of a table or table or make a rhyme of a poem, it can be easily remembered. This way of reading more in less time and this technique of remembering to read is called mnemonic.

2. Getting enough sleep:


Several studies have shown that brain of any information or data memory or memories made during sleep. So it is important to get enough sleep along with reading to remember to read. Generally, a healthy person should get about 8 hours of sleep a night. Less sleep than this reduces the ability to remember to read.

1. Teaching others what I read: 


This method has been very popular since ancient times for remembering to read. What we have read or learned by ourselves is better inculcated in the brain by teaching it to others. Moreover, as a result of teaching others, one’s skills are revealed and it is also understood whether the reading has been mastered well.


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