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The Correct Rules for Mobile Charging


Each battery has a fixed life. The same goes for smartphone batteries. The battery life of a smartphone depends on the type of usage. The eyes are on social media all day and the phone is charged all night. So the pressure on the phone but not less. If you charge the mobile according to the correct rules, the battery stays good for many days. And if the battery is good for a long time, the mobile will also be good.

However, most people do not know the exact rules of mobile charging. Due to this, in a few days, there was a problem with the battery of the mobile.

If you do not charge the mobile properly, the battery will deteriorate quickly. Let’s know the correct rules for mobile charging-


01. Always keep 50-90 percent charge on mobile. If it is reduced by 50 percent, charge will have to be paid.

02. Mobile cannot be charged more than 90-95 percent. Once the battery is over 90 percent charged, the charger must be opened.

03. The amount of mobile charge cannot be reduced from 20 percent. Do not charge the smartphone when the charge is above 25 percent. Frequent and unnecessary recharges reduce battery life. Note that the charge is not zero percent, This also reduces the battery life.

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04. Do not use while mobile is charged (with charger attached).

05. Almost every time on Android mobile phone, some or the other apps keep working. Which we usually do not always need. If these are turned on, the charge of mobile ends. So it is better not to use anything unnecessary.

06. Use your own charger at all times


Use your own charger, especially the original charger that comes with the phone, when charging the smartphone. The smartphone can support many chargers on the micro USB port. However, if you do not use the original charger, the battery’s ability to hold charge gradually decreases.

07. Keep the safety case open while charging


Many people use casing for extra protection of the phone. But it is better to keep the casing open while charging. Usually the battery gets a little hot when the phone is charged. But if there is a casing of the phone, the phone gets overheated due to heat.

08. Fast charging is not convenient


A charger that charges fast all the time is not convenient. Be careful when using a fast charger to keep the battery good. The high-speed charger sends high voltage to the phone’s battery, which quickly raises the temperature. Can charge in normal charging mode.

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09. Do not charge the mobile all Night


It’s not okay to keep the phone charging all night. Excess charge damages the battery.

10. Power bank to prevent shot-circuit


You can use a power bank that is able to withstand voltage fluctuations, shot-circuits, extra charges. Do not use the smartphone while connected to the power bank. This causes the smartphone to overheat and damage the battery.


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