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How to understand call being secretly recorded?


Hello, at present people are being harassed due to leaked call records so today we will discuss some tips that will help you to know if someone is recording your call without your knowledge.


Nowadays call recording is a very normal thing for many people, it can be seen that now some mobiles have auto call recording and again this work can be done very easily through various third-party apps.


Because many times it is necessary to record emergency conversations. However, just as there are advantages to keeping a call record, there are also disadvantages .


It is spread on social media to tarnish the image of the person who is being harmed, his family and our society, so when talking to someone, be sure that he is recording your words, even if it is not an urgent matter.

secretly recording calls

Super-editing your little words can mean something else.


Gone are the days of secretly recording calls like the previous day, Google has imposed restrictions on call recording whenever you want on Android phones.

Putting a call recording on a new smart phone will send a message to the person on the other side of the phone in a mechanical voice, as if your call is being recorded.

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If the recording is stopped again, the two will get that message, the same will happen in case of holding a conference.
Android smartphones that do not have this feature can download apps that offer voice call recording from the Google Play Store.

However, when recording a call, you must have the consent of both parties, so when making a call, you should keep in mind that your call is being recorded  .

If at first your voice call sounds like a beep for a few seconds or minutes, then you need to understand that your call is being recorded. If you find yourself in such a situation, cut off the call immediately.

There is also the possibility of recording a call at the beginning of a voice call or with occasional beeping sounds.
Second, another way to find out if a call is being recorded is – if you call someone and they leave your call speaker, you can assume your call is being recorded.


In this case, you can ask the person on the other end of the phone the reason for keeping the call speaker, if you do not get any good answer, warn him. And immediately cut off the call.
As well as if you have called someone and at that time.

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Even if you get a different sound, your chances of getting an all-record increase.


In this situation you can get unexpected sounds from time to time, so do not avoid small things while calling.

However, there are some apps online where calls can be recorded without the sound of a beep.
There is no way to understand in that case, so be careful before saying such an important thing to anyone. If necessary, you can also make a video call.

You all know that at present people are getting embarrassed due to leaking of call records. Therefore, ordinary people have to be very careful while talking on their mobile phones.

No word comes out of the mouth that causes the next time, and remember that there are some miscreants around us who will try to harm us at every opportunity.


So be careful yourself and warn others.


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