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Sensitive skin in winter


Climate change also affects our health. Some skin symptoms usually occur in people of different ages in winter. One of them is cond allergy or cold-sensitivity. As winter approaches, many children or older people suddenly become ill or become ill throughout the winter. In most cases it is caused by cond allergies. Cold air, dust blowing in the air, bidi-cigarette smoke, perfume, strong smell, dust of magazines or books, pollution of environment are not tolerated by many. When it comes in contact with these, it causes shortness of breath, asthma, runny nose, runny nose etc. Some people get itchy or rashes on their body. In the language of medicine, these substances are called allergens. Allergies are problems that occur when you come in contact with allergens. Extreme cold or cold air also acts as an allergen for many. The reason for this is called cold allergy.

Sensitive skin

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Why is that


We have some receptors for nerve cells in our nostrils, trachea. These are a pair of nerves called the vagus nerve, which are connected to stimulate the contraction and dilation of the muscles of the airways and larynx. The aforementioned allergens stimulate this nerve through the receptors in the airways. This causes contraction of the trachea muscles and narrowing of the trachea. At the same time, huge amounts of histamine and leukotrienes are released in the airways. Then there is shortness of breath or asthma. Symptoms such as runny nose, rash, and itching are caused by the effects of the chemicals.

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Rapid changes in temperature and air pressure in winter, dry air, predominance of dust and sand in the environment exacerbate these problems.




People who have cold allergies often get runny nose during this time. In addition, itching of nose and ears, dry cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness, etc. occur. Many symptoms are more frequent on the last night or in the morning. Because, at this time the temperature decreases further.


To do


Those who have this hypersensitivity do not get rid of it completely. However, it can be controlled. The causes of these symptoms should be identified by allergy testing and should be avoided as much as possible. Foods that cause allergies should be avoided. A mask can be used to get rid of cold air and dust; Which is made of flannel cloth and covers the head, ears and half of the face. Vaccination is currently one of the most common treatments for allergic diseases.


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