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What to do when the smartphone is hot


Everyone suffers from the problem of smartphones getting hot. There are different opinions of different users. Some say playing games, some say using the net, smartphones get hot. In fact, any electronic device is hot. Let’s find out today why your phone is hot and how to remedy it.

smartphones are hot

why smartphones are hot?

If we talk about heating, then we have to say that every electronic device or machine is hot. For example, your car, computer, etc., everything is not released from the heat. Water is poured to keep the car cool, the fan is used to keep the computer cool and also has a heat shield inside. So you can actually say that because a smartphone is an electronic device, it is a matter of course. Even then I am opening everything to you. So let’s find out the reasons why smartphones get too hot.

Processor: The first thing that causes the smartphone to get hot is the processor. The processor is similar to the main part of your phone. That does everything your phone does. Whether you use the phone or not, the processor is always running and working. And this processor is made of semiconductor material. And inside it are a lot of tiny electrons. When the processor does its work, these electrons run from one place to another (in simple language). And during this race, the electrons collide with each other and produce heat. This means that the more work your processor does, the more heat it produces. If you do less work, such as just talking on the phone, or listening to music, your phone will be less hot. But suppose you’re playing a game and downloading a file from the Internet at the same time, However, normally your phone’s processor will have to do more work and as a result your smartphone will be hotter. Nowadays car smartphones are getting thinner day by day. Now the heat generated by the processor cannot escape because your phone is thin. And notice that your phone’s processor sticks to the phone body, causing you to feel very hot and very hot.
Excessive  load: I have already said that excessive load will make your phone faster and hotter. Normal tasks such as talking on the phone, sending SMS or listening to music will make your phone less hot. But when you do a lot of work at once or do some big work, your phone will be exposed to excessive load and the smartphone will be extremely hot.
Battery  : Smartphones are getting thinner day by day. But there is not much improvement in battery technology. Then the phone is very thin so the devices do not have too much distance from each other. When the battery is charged or discharged, it is more or less hot. And the devices don’t have too much distance from each other so the heat of this battery spreads everywhere and your smartphone gets extremely hot.
Ambient temperature: Smartphones are extremely hot, but another reason for being hot is the ambient temperature.  And if you use a smartphone in this temperature, it will heat up more quickly.
Weak network  signal: Suppose you are in a place where the network signal is very weak. Or your WiFi signal is coming to your smartphone with great difficulty. In this case, your smartphone costs more. To get a weak network signal, your phone applies more power to the antenna, so that the phone can pick up a better signal. The processor of the smartphone has to do a lot more work. And after the smartphone became excessively hot.

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Now let’s talk about smartphone being normal and abnormally hot. When working normally, your smartphone can get hot up to 35-47 degrees Celsius. And believe me, it’s not just your phone, but everyone is hot. Your phone is getting hotter because it is less expensive. Tell Samsung and Apple, all phones are hot.

But yes, if you notice that your phone is always hot up to 35-47 degrees Celsius. Even when your phone is in stand-by mode, there are problems with your phone.

What could be the problem with the smartphone being too hot?

Loss of Performance  : Excessive overheating of the smartphone can reduce the performance of your phone. See the smartphone’s processor is designed to reduce the workload when it gets too hot, so that it can be cold. And the processor may automatically reduce the performance of your smartphone.

How to protect your smartphone from overheating

You can’t work more on a smartphone or play more games, but that’s not the point. If you want to protect your smartphone from overheating, keep your phone’s software updated. Many times the software and hardware of the phone is berth to keep up. Keep an eye on that. Do a regular search to see which apps are taking up more space in the background. Identify those apps and temporarily shut them down. Since 72% of today’s games are played online, you must make sure that your phone receives good operator signals or good Wi-Fi signals when playing online games, and that the battery is well charged and that you try to play games by charging the phone. No, because playing games while charged or being overloaded can cause your phone to overheat and explode.

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The last word

I hope today’s post has released some misconceptions from your phone. If you have any other reason for your smartphone to overheat or have any idea about how to protect your smartphone from overheating, you can let me know by commenting. Moreover, if you like the post, don’t forget to share.


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