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Some low capital online business ideas


It is said that the Internet is a repository of any kind of information. You can start a profitable online business using the internet but with little capital. Considering the improvement of internet system in our country, it is seen that the opportunities of online business are increasing day by day. That’s why many people are looking for some online business ideas with less capital.

Some low capital online business ideas

If you have enough skills and little capital, you can start an online business. Let us know in detail about some of the low capital online business ideas.

Selling online courses

There is currently a huge demand for online courses on any subject. You may ask, where there are various youtube channels to learn why people go to buy courses with money. The answer is very simple.

If a person is genuinely interested in learning a subject, he will surely want to learn from someone skilled from beginning to end. With this in mind, the popularity of paid online courses is increasing in our country as well.

To sell an online course, you must first create an online course. First find out what you are really good at. Then note down what other person needs to know to become an expert on the subject and start working on creating the course.

You can also arrange your online course in multiple series and parts if you wish. In this case, the person who is interested in the subject will buy the course. For example, if you do not create a course on WordPress development but create a separate course on WordPress Theme Development and WordPress Plugin Development, then those who buy will be able to choose the course they need.

You can start earning money by selling online courses as well as teaching online. You can also easily promote your course using free media like YouTube or Facebook. Again, if you can show ads during the course, then you can earn from YouTube and Facebook .

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money online . In the case of affiliate marketing , it is possible to earn income from the commission earned by promoting and selling other people’s products.

It sounds like a lot of hard work, but in fact, affiliate marketing is not a big deal. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that anyone can do it in addition to their current job.

For those who have their own blog or website and have some acquaintance through social media, affiliate marketing is a very easy task.

Online T-shirt Shop

Online shopping is very popular now. On top of that, there is a huge trend of T-shirts made on social media keeping in mind different topics or themes. If you want, you can start the journey of your online T-shirt shop from Facebook with a few samples.

In the case of this business, it is always important to keep in mind what is being talked about through social media. With that in mind, update your T-shirt catalog regularly.

You may be wondering how many T-shirt collections can be kept without much capital at the beginning. The answer is very simple. Not every product in your online collection needs to be in your collection. Deal with the T-shirt maker to design the T-shirt in a short time after receiving the order!

Dropshipping business

Honestly, no investment is required to start a dropshipping business. To start a dropshipping business you need to have the right knowledge and the right time. The good thing about dropshipping is that you don’t have to buy or store any physical product.

In the dropshipping business some products are basically posted online for sale and those who want to buy place an order for that product to the seller. The seller buys the product at a lower price from the supplier and delivers it to the buyer. The income of the person who does the shipping here is the remaining money after paying the due to the supplier. Learn more কি What is dropshipping? How to make money from dropshipping business?

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Social media management

Social media has become an important medium for every business these days. However, in the case of business, there is often no specific position for managing social media. That’s why businesses outsource social media managers. If you have enough knowledge about social media management, you can earn good money by working as a social media manager agency or freelancer .

Remote customer service agent

If you like to help others but don’t like to be confined to an office or call center all day, then you can earn money by helping others at home as a remote customer service agent. You can establish yourself as an agency business by recruiting a few team members yourself. It is a common business abroad nowadays.

There are several ways you can act as a remote customer service agent. You can easily provide customer care support to others through chat, email, phone, video, etc. Many companies now hire remote customer service agents, which can be a great opportunity for you.

E-book sales

On the first day of publication, the Spoken English PDF e-book of Munjerin Shahid, published from 10 Minute School, sold for around Rs. 18 lakhs . Although it is a digital product, this book of 75 rupees is well received by the people of the country. This means that there is a huge demand for digital products like e-books in the country.

If you are able to create an e-book based on a specific topic and market it properly, then selling e-books in the country’s market will not be a problem. Choose the subject of the e-book keeping in mind the needs of the people as well as what subject you are proficient in. You can sell e-books on your own website or Facebook page.

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Domain flipping

Domain flipping is a fun job. In this process, a potential domain name is bought and then sold at a higher price. The demand for domain names is increasing day by day. So many businesses or individuals are reluctant to spend a good deal of money on the domain of their choice. So you can buy a promising domain at an affordable price from Godaddy or Namechip and give notice for sale.

The process of domain flipping but one day will not show you the face of income. It can take months, even years, to get the desired price from a domain or find a seller in case of income by flipping the domain. So there will be suggestions to run this business as a side business.

Virtual assistant

While the concept of a virtual assistant is relatively new, it is well-received worldwide. The job of a virtual assistant is to answer emails, write content and complete other tasks from home business.

From data entry work to research work, any type of work can be done by a virtual assistant. So if you are looking for new opportunities and experiences, you can start working as a Virtual Assistant. Even in Bangladesh, there are businesses that offer a wide range of virtual assistant services.

Food & Handicraft Online Shop

If you are good at cooking or handicrafts, start your own online business today. At present there is a great demand for homemade food and handmade things. The real value of handmade things can be understood by visiting the various arts and crafts groups on the social media platform Facebook.

So if you are good at this, start an online shop of all the wonderful things you can make. It is better to open such online shop on Facebook page. In that case it is very easy to inform others through share.


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