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Something stuck in the throat

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After many days at the restaurant, friends went to eat together. The chat is going on. Suddenly someone started coughing profusely with his hand on his throat. Red eyes, trying to signal that breathing is stopping. In ordinary Bengali we call it choking or choking. But this problem can be fatal! Let us know what to do immediately in this situation.

something stuck in the throat

Who is and why


Older and younger children have less throat gag reflex. As a result, food may get stuck in the throat. The same thing happens with excess alcohol. Many times such problems are more due to some diseases. For example, in Parkinson’s disease or dementia, people forget to swallow food. As a result, food gets stuck in the throat.

Stroke patients also have such cases due to paralysis. If you go to eat food in many big size, you don’t get a chance to chew it completely. As a result, unchecked food gets stuck in the throat. Sometimes very small sized foods like nuts can easily get into our airways and cause choking. Lack of attention to food is a major cause of choking. This problem is most common in children because they play, eat, watch television or run. This problem can also occur if someone does other things while eating. Fried hard foods, chewing gum, candy, nuts, cheese, popcorn, money, raw vegetables, etc. can cause careless choking.

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When food gets stuck in the airways, the oxygen supply to the lungs is disrupted. Oxygen circulation in the body decreases. It can even be completely shut down. In medical terms it is called asphyxia. When the airways are completely blocked, the heart and brain cannot function due to lack of oxygen. The situation became critical. This is called anoxia in scientific terms. In this case, the patient can not be saved if the stuck object is not removed quickly.


Whether it is food or something else, if it gets stuck in the trachea, it will be difficult to breathe at first. Problems such as coughing, wheezing, nausea, inability to speak, blue lips or loss of consciousness may occur.


Immediate action


Seeing a person fall into such a situation, Hemlich Maneuver can cure him. If you hold the sick person from behind and press hard on the upper part of the abdomen with both hands, the stuck object will come out quickly. A very small child should be slapped on the back with his hands on his lap. An ambulance should be called and taken to the nearest hospital. The procedure should be continued until the thing is out or treatment is started in the hospital. The patient should be monitored throughout the time to see if the patient’s level of knowledge is declining, whether the patient’s heart is closing or cardiac arrest is taking place. Then you need to start chest pressure or CPR quickly.

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Pay attention to each meal while eating. Eat small meals and talk less while eating. If a one and a half year old child is at home, it is better not to keep small things in his hand. Do not rush while feeding, it is not advisable to force-feed the baby. Sick and elderly patients should be fed according to the doctor’s advice.


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