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Write a letter to your friend telling him about your study tour


Questions that may be alternatives to the same letter:

01. Write a letter to your friend Nanda telling him about the study tour you enjoyed a few days ago.

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123/C, Azimpur
9 December 2022

My dear Nanda,
I received your letter last evening. Thank you for your letter. You seem to be interested in historical places. Last week we went to Bogura on a tour. We visited Mahasthangarh. It was only a few kilometres away from Bogura town. It is a historic place.

Mahasthangarh was a site of Pundranagar. It was the capital of Mouxyas, Guptas, Senas and other Hindu kings. It stands on the wastern bank of the river Korotoa. There are some elevated places nearby. These places are known as ‘vitas’ ‘kundas’ ‘Ghous’ and ‘Dhaps’. One part of the dried river is know as the ghat of Kankabati.There is a museum at Mahasthangarh. We spent the whole day and saw many other things for ourselves. They opened a vista of our past history and tradition.

I think if you visit Mahasthangarh, you will learn many things about our heritage.
With loves and regards to all.

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Yours loving friend,


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