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Symptoms And Treatment Of Kidney Disease


Symptoms and treatment of kidney disease : The human body has excretory system. And the main part of it is the kidneys. Every part of the human body is equally important. But some organs play an important role in keeping the machine called our body active. Kidney is one of them. The kidneys filter all the waste products from the blood of our body and purify the blood. There are about 24 lakh filters in our body in two kidneys.

Symptoms And Treatment Of Kidney Disease

Kidney complications and diseases are one of the deadliest diseases of the human body, due to which people die. So it is very important to know the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease to keep yourself healthy and live well.

Before knowing the symptoms and cure of kidney disease, let’s know what is kidney? How does the kidney work? When we know about the functioning of an organ, we can easily know the causes of the diseases associated with it and the ways to cure it easily.

What is kidney?

The kidney is a red and brown organ located on either side of the spine. Its shape looks a lot like beans. The human body has two kidneys, and each kidney is covered by a type of membrane called the peritoneum.

How does it work?

There are numerous biochemical reactions that take place in our human body. Contaminants produced as a result of these reactions combine with the blood. The function of the kidneys is to purify the blood by filtering out all these contaminants from the blood. The kidneys purify all the blood in our body 40 times a day.

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The kidneys also maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body, including sodium and potassium.

Now that we know how the kidneys work, we can easily understand the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease . Which will help keep us healthy.

What are the symptoms of kidney disease? | Kidney Disease Symptoms

For the convenience of discussion, we first mention that kidney disease is said to be a silent killer because in many cases it is seen that the kidneys are 50% damaged before any of the symptoms appear. Another problem is that most of the time two kidneys are damaged at the same time. So we should all know the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease well and seek the advice of a doctor as soon as we notice any minor symptoms.

There are many types of kidney disease. Their symptoms also vary from disease to disease. So awareness is very important.

We already know that the kidneys filter all the waste products from the blood and excrete them from the body through urine. Many times these wastes accumulate in the kidneys and start clotting. These are commonly called kidney stones. Kidney stones are one of the diseases we know so far in medical science.

There are also a variety of diseases including glomerulonephritis, urinary tract infections, polycystic kidney disease.

  1.  One of the symptoms of kidney disease is a decrease in the amount of urine compared to normal. In children, it is common to urinate in bed even after the age of 5-6 years. In the case of those who have kidney stones, it is seen that stone-like stones come out with the urine. If there is excess foam after urinating, it is also considered as a symptom of kidney disease.
  2. Uncontrolled blood pressure or fluctuating blood pressure is another symptom of kidney disease.
  3. After waking up, we all have a little swollen eyes and face. After brushing, washing hands and face, this swelling disappears as soon as it is fresh. But at other times of the day, if you notice blisters around the eyes and ankles, then consult a specialist.
  4. Usually we all urinate 5-6 times throughout the day but at night we urinate a maximum of 1-2 times. If a person gets less sleep at night, feels insomnia and has frequent urination, it may be a symptom of kidney disease.
  5. Another of the symptoms of kidney disease is anorexia nervosa and nausea. Normally, due to less hunger and less eating, you start feeling weak and weak quickly.
  6. Many people have headaches. Some patients experience allergies or itching.
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Remedy for kidney disease

  1.  To stay healthy we should drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. For the treatment of kidney disease, doctors recommend drinking at least 8 glasses or 2 liters of water. However, if one is participating in physical activity or sports, one should drink more water.
  2. Set aside 1 hour throughout the day for exercise and other physical activity. There is no substitute for regular exercise. If you do not have time to exercise and do physical work, try to walk some roads without getting on a rickshaw. When returning home after office, try to get off the bus and walk back home.
  3. Quit smoking or any drugs and intoxicants. In this case, it is recommended to avoid various alcoholic beverages.
  4. Diabetes or high blood pressure should always be checked and controlled.

Kidney patient food

Kidney patients should always be aware while eating. Not everyone is forbidden to eat the same foods, but some foods are prescribed by the doctor according to the type of kidney problem.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be included in the daily diet. Guava, watermelon, pineapple, apple, vedana, borai etc. should be included in the list of local fruits. However, all citrus fruits such as lemon, malt, grape, orange, amalki should be excluded.

Kidney patients should also avoid certain foods. Tomatoes, mushrooms, sweet pumpkin, spinach, broccoli should not be eaten among the vegetables . Meat should be abandoned, beef, beef.

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What is the medicine for kidney disease?

We have learned about the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease by writing above. But then what if a person suffers from kidney disease? At such moments, everyone should take the advice of a specialist doctor. Then you can know how to treat kidney disease in general for the convenience of everyone.

Kidney treatment is done in various ways like antibiotics, dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, nephrostomy, lithopripsi etc.

Kidney patient questions answered 

1. What tests are done to diagnose kidney disease? 

Answer: Urine test, blood test, ultrasonography test.

2. What tests should be done to diagnose the disease in advance?

A : The level of albumin in the urine and the level of creatinine in the blood should be known.

3. How much can a creatinine level test cost?

Answer:  Test fees vary from hospital to hospital. However, you can get this test for 300-500 rupees.

4. Kidney stones are eaten by any food?

A : Alcohol and all canned foods, extra fatty foods, caffeine, soda, etc. are eaten.

5. How much does it cost to operate on a kidney stone?

A: It costs around Rs. 12-15000 to crush a stone . Laparoscopic treatment is very expensive. In that case it may cost more than one lakh rupees.

From this article you will learn more about the symptoms and remedies of kidney disease . However, if kidney disease is caught in the early stages, then there is no reason to fear. If the right treatment is started at the right time, then of course it is completely curable.


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