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Symptoms Of The First Month Of Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a difficult process and the first month of this difficult process is even more difficult because this month is the most likely month for miscarriage . In many cases miscarriage occurs before it is known whether she is pregnant or not. Today we will discuss the symptoms of the first month of pregnancy . If you know the symptoms, you can identify in advance whether you are pregnant or not.

Symptoms of the first month of pregnancy

1: Feeling sick

Nausea is very common in the first month of pregnancy and in 90 percent of cases the problem occurs in an acute way in the first month of girls. This problem is caused by hormonal imbalance. This time it can be seen that the smell of your favourite food can also cause your vomiting.

2. Dizziness

Dizziness is very common because you have to deal with this problem in the first month of pregnancy. From this time on, the body produces extra blood, which puts extra strain on the body and causes dizziness.

symptoms of the first month of pregnancy

3. Breast tenderness:

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The first month of pregnancy does not see many adverse hormonal reactions that cause the breasts to soften. Breast tenderness is one of the most common symptoms of the first month of pregnancy.

4. Spotting and white discharge

Sporting and white discharge comes out in small amounts because the egg sticks to the uterine wall after intercourse. There may be mild bleeding during this time which is sometimes mistaken for a girl’s menstrual blood. In medical parlance, this condition is called  implantation bleeding.

5. Increase in temperature

Rising body temperature is one of the symptoms of the first month of pregnancy. If you see your body temperature rising continuously for 18 days then most likely you are pregnant.

6. Back pain

An increase in the body’s progesterone hormone causes the back ligaments to become loose, which puts a lot of pressure on your back and causes pain. This is one of the symptoms of the first month of pregnancy .

7. Chest burns

It is very normal to have heartburn in early pregnancy. During this time the body undergoes various changes which cause heartburn due to acid reflux.

The development of the fetus in the first month

The first month is the most important time in the life of a fetus because during this time it has to go through fertilization, division and implantation.

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It begins to fertilize within 24 hours after reaching the ovum. The fertilized cell then begins to divide. After splitting, it became known as zygote. The baby’s gender, skin color, body color, and skin color are then determined. Then the implantation process begins and the umbilical cord, amniotic sac and yolk sac are formed. After one month, the length of an embryo is 2 millimeters.

Physical changes in the first month of pregnancy

  • One of the most noticeable changes in the first month of pregnancy is the change you notice in your breasts. Because it will become sensitive and a little bigger.
  • In the first month of pregnancy, you will find that your white discharge rate has increased dramatically.
  • The areola areas of your body will continue to get a little bigger and your waist size will also increase.

Questions and answers about the symptoms and various issues of the first month of pregnancy

1: How safe is it to have sex in the first month of pregnancy?

Answer: Sexual intercourse in the first month is not safe at all. The first three months you must be moderate.

2: Does the fetus have hearing in the first month?

Answer : No, nothing happens to the fetus in the first month because it has not yet begun to take on the shape of a full-grown human.

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3: How can I get rid of dizziness during pregnancy?

Answer: Dizziness during pregnancy is normal but if you want to get rid of it, you can definitely take medicine with the advice of a doctor.

4: I am pregnant but still bleeding through my period. What can I do now?

Answer: If the blood is very small then there is no reason to be afraid. But if you see too much blood, you should seek medical attention as it may cause miscarriage.

5: Can I hire in the first month of pregnancy?

Answer: Of course not. From now until 9 months you will not be able to do any hire work as it may be harmful for your child.

Last word: Pregnancy is a miracle because one human body originates from another human. So in this special process you must take special care of yourself. Hopefully today I have explained to you the symptoms of the first month of pregnancy and what you can and cannot do from the first month. Thanks


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