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Symptoms Of The First Week Of Pregnancy


Enjoying the taste of motherhood is one of the biggest aspirations of every girl’s life. This time of pregnancy is very difficult and confusing for every girl. Today we will talk about the symptoms of the first week of pregnancy . Although these symptoms are very minor, if you do not understand these symptoms and do something unreasonable then it can lead to your miscarriage.

So you must pay special attention to the symptoms. Let us know in detail what are the symptoms you can understand in the first week you are pregnant.

Symptoms Of The First Week Of Pregnancy

Is your menstrual cycle off?

The first thing you will know if you are pregnant is through your menstrual cycle. Because when you see that the date of your menstrual cycle has passed, you must understand that you are probably going to be a mother. It is often seen that in some cases the menstrual cycle is irregular and the situation may be different. But I would suggest that if the date of your menstrual cycle has passed, you must get tested through the pregnancy kit.

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Symptoms of the first week of pregnancy

1. Differences in taste:

The first sign of pregnancy is a change in the taste in their mouth. When you eat some food, you feel bad smell. This problem is due to the difference in the level of hormones in the body.

2. Black spots:

In the first week of pregnancy, black spots can be seen on the body of the mother and especially on the skin of the face, these black spots can be seen.

3. Excessive urination:

As you conceive, many parts of your body begin to change, and your kidneys begin to work at double speed. Due to which you have to go to urinate repeatedly.

4. Feeling tired:

During the first week, the body of pregnant mothers begins to feel a lot of fatigue. This is because the body begins to produce large amounts of blood to ensure the nutritional value of the baby, which causes the body to become tired in a very short time.

5. Headache:

You may have severe headaches in the first week of pregnancy. During this time the level of hormones in the body increases a lot which causes a lot of headaches.

6. Breast Weight Gain:

The weight of your breasts will increase a few days before the date of the menstrual cycle. If you can feel this, then there is a 60% chance that you are pregnant.

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7. Mood swing:

Mood swings in the first week of pregnancy will not be noticed very well because you will be in a bad mood and you will get very angry.

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You are well aware of the symptoms of the first week of pregnancy and if the symptoms match with you then bring a pregnancy kit and get tested now.

What to do for the nutritional value of the baby in the first week

The first week is called trimester in medical parlance. During this time the doctor recommends taking 0.4 mg of folic acid daily as it will help the fetus to develop properly.

Answer some questions about the first week of pregnancy

1: Can I have sex during my first week of pregnancy?

Answer: Of course not. Because the first three months you have to be very careful. If you injure your uterus during intercourse, you may have a miscarriage.

2: I do not have the symptoms of the first week of pregnancy, but I have stopped menstruation, what should I do in this field?

Answer: There are many people who do not see any symptoms. I will tell you to test with the kit to know the right thing.

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3: How is my baby growing in the first week?

Answer: Your baby is still an ovary and he is preparing to come to the Fallopian Tube.

Remember that the baby will be healthy only when you are healthy, so take care of yourself properly and start eating nutritious food from the first week. If the symptoms of the first week of pregnancy appear in your body, seek medical help today. Thanks


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