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The most secret of success 


The most secret of success

Well have you ever felt that some people are getting a little more opportunity than usual? A little bit more is benefiting from everything and seeing this you also have the question of how they are doing it. In fact, they have taken the secret very easily into their own hands and that secret is networking. And so I will share with you today some smart ideas from the book Never Eat Alone on how to become proficient in networking, so let’s get started.

The most secret of success 

1. Connecting Instead Of Networking

In simple terms, networking can be said to mix with new people. Now the new man may or may not be associated with your career. But the main purpose of associating with new people is to increase your work opportunities so that you can create more opportunities in your career by yourself. There’s a saying in English, If You Don’t Ask For It, You Won’t Get It, but just mixing it up with someone may make you think a little selfish for the future, and that’s why you need to build a good relationship with that person first. And then about his own work.

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2. Power Of Generosity

According to the author, real networking is about how much you can help other people and that is why when you help someone that person will probably help you too so that you can easily increase the amount of opportunities in your life.

3. The Three Important Things

The three most important things in life for any human being are his health, his money and his family. So if you can help the other person with the networking problem in any of these three cases or any of the three, then you will have a close relationship with that person and you will be able to do networking very successfully.

4. The Genius Of Audacity

If I ask you that two of you have taken the same course from the same college then how do you know who is more qualified for their job then what will be your answer? Will present in a way. Because he knows very well that his work has breath and he can help you in a very good way. So in case of networking, it is very important to discuss your Interest, Passion and Skill with each other. Because through it, you can learn about the skills of others just as you are revealing your skills to others.

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5. The Art Of Cold Emailing

In today’s digital age the easiest way to communicate with someone is to communicate online on any platform. Email is the most suitable of all those online platforms. Cold email means matching the person you want to communicate with, but you need to remember that you need to be well-informed in the email and confidently let him or her know how much better you can help that person like a smart idea. Will be

6. Managing The Warm Call

If you have the opportunity to communicate with that person on your mobile phone after your email or first, then you have to do Warm Calling with that person in the language of the author. The most important step for a successful warm calling session is to reveal your credibility. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In this way your skill capability will definitely bring forward the turn to meet that person face to face.

7. Johari Window

The first step in building a relationship with a person is to listen to that person and complain about how openly the person is expressing themselves and adjusting your speaking style accordingly. And to be able to do that, you have to pay more attention to the non-verbal cutes, that is, how much you laugh, the speed of your speech, your eye contact, everything is under control.

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8. Expanding Your Circle

In order to better strengthen your network skills, you need to connect with different people whose different passions, different interests, different careers will improve you as a person, just as you will find different opportunities for yourself.


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