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The first thing to do when a dog bites


Many people are terrified when a dog suddenly attacks them on the street. When a dog bites or bites someone, most people are scared just thinking about the rabies. But not only rabies, but also tetanus can spread contagious diseases caused by various bacteria. Just as rabies can be life threatening if not treated in time, it can further complicate the problem by spreading various infections in the affected area. Moreover, dog bites are quite painful. The highest incidence of dog attacks in the country is from August to November. If you are attacked by a dog on the road, do not be afraid to take some initial steps. At this time keep in mind some important things.
Preliminary action: In the beginning, the severity of the wound and bleeding should be noticed in the affected area. When a dog bites, first press the wound so that the bleeding stops quickly. Then clean the wound for at least ten minutes under running water with a tube or tap water. If possible, you can use an antibacterial soap to clean the wound well. This will help to clean the bacteria and germs in the wound. Try to keep the affected area as high as possible.

The first thing to do when a dog bites

Once the wound has healed, apply an antibiotic ointment ointment to the wound from the nearest medical center and bandage it with a sterile gauze cloth to reduce the rate of post-wound infection without delay. In addition to the necessary medication and diet, the bite wound must be cleaned daily. Care should be taken not to get dust, sand and dirt. This rule should be followed until the wound heals. If there is a lot of pain in the wound, you can take paracetamol or other painkillers with the advice of a doctor.

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If possible, keep an eye on the attacking dog. If the dog dies within a few days of the bite, you should be extra careful. In this case, you must inform your doctor if necessary.
Discard: Never touch the wound with bare hands. No oil, soil, tree sap, betel leaf, dung, chalk powder etc. should be applied on the wound. Do not put any stitches on the wound and it is better not to use sugar, salt or any alkaline substance in the wound.

Next thing to do: After a dog has been bitten or bitten, you should immediately seek the help of a nearby hospital or doctor and get vaccinated against rabies and tetanus. When the symptoms of rabies appear, it is 100% fatal. Once this disease, death is inevitable. The patient usually dies within a week of the onset of symptoms. No antiviral drug can work against this virus. Only palliative care can be given. Symptoms of rabies after a dog bite can take weeks to months. There are two types of vaccines for rabies. Depending on the severity and severity of the lesion, one type of vaccine may be needed in some cases and another in others. The sooner the rabies vaccine is given, the better. There are 5 doses of modern rabies vaccine. It is important to complete the ticker course with all doses on time.

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According to the World Health Organization, people who have been attacked by dogs can be divided into three categories, viz.

Category-1: Only those who have been bitten by a dog or have touched the body of a dog’s tail or any hairy part of the dog’s body have come in contact with the body of the infected person or dog saliva on the body while feeding the dog but no wound has been created and no bleeding. Such patients do not need to be vaccinated against rabies. The affected area should only be washed with soap or cleaned with antiseptic solution.

Category-2: If dog scratches or bite marks are seen on the wound but there is no bleeding from the wound, then they belong to category-2. In addition to cleaning the wounds of these infected people must be vaccinated against rabies. The rabies vaccine can be given under the skin or in the flesh. It is best to get the vaccine within 5 days of scratching or biting the dog. It can also be given to pregnant women infected by dogs.

Category-3: If blood comes out from a dog’s scratch or bite, the dog puts in its teeth or cuts the meat; However, the affected person belongs to category-3. Category-2 wounds if the head, neck, chest or shoulder; However, it will also fall under category-3. In case of category-3, the wound site should be properly cleaned and rabies vaccine as well as human rabies immunoglobulin injection should be given.

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Many people think that when a mad dog bites, the victim becomes a puppy, which is not true at all. If someone in the family has rabies or a dog bite, the rest of the food on the plate should not be eaten by others. In addition to rabies, tetanus vaccination should be given within 24 hours of the dog’s attack to prevent tetanus infection. Contact the nearest doctor or hospital for any complications related to scratching or biting after a dog attack.


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