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Travel faster than light: Is it really possible?


The discovery of the wheel at the beginning of civilization is the beginning of our rapid journey. In order to speed up the communication system, oil and gas, starting from steam as fuel, were not left out. Numerous instruments have been invented for this same purpose throughout the ages. Land, water, skyall the way to the movement of the human race. But there is no end to our desires as part of our instincts. The current human desire for speed is to achieve speed faster than light. But is it really possible? Or just a science fiction plot?

Travel faster than light: Is it really possible?

The great scientist Einstein said that it is not possible to achieve speed faster than light. But research does not stop at just this. Some scientists are still trying to reach that cosmic speed limit, even if it conflicts with the laws of physics.

Some even claim to have been able to transcend the speed of light in the laboratory. One such thing was the European opera experiment . Its scientists announced that it had emitted light in the smallest fraction of a second. The news also overshadowed the achievements of Higgs Boson for a short time!

But, unfortunately, the results of Opera’s research did not last long. Eventually a group of scientists showed that Opera was wrong . In fact, the speed measurement of neutrino particles was not accurate due to a faulty connection in Opera’s GPS system. So Einstein won again!

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Everyone knows that to increase the normal speed of an object, a little more force has to be applied to it. The Large Hadron Collider is by far the most powerful particle accelerator. This can help the protons to travel at speeds closer to the maximum light, but not at the same level. If we want more speed, the blow of the particle must also be strong and for this we need infinite energy… but our available energy is not infinite.

The scientific equations have been tested and revisited countless times over the last hundred years. In all these cases the result is the same, and that is, the speed of light is an insurmountable limit.

But not many people think that Einstein will be the holder of the final word forever. And that’s why some scientists like to think that it is possible to travel faster than light – even though their location is far from the evidence.

What do you think? One day we will really be able to exceed the speed of light? If so, when? Or, why not?


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