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How to use phone in Bed


Mobile phone (Smart Phone) is an important issue in our daily life. It is a responsibility to walk without mobile for a moment. There is no pair of mobile phones to talk to everyone from family members to office, friends, relatives. Mobile is one such thing through which you can know a lot of important news at the moment.Just as mobile phones have advantages, they also have disadvantages. Many people do not turn off their mobile phones while sleeping. Many people have the habit of placing the phone under or next to the pillow with alarm. Many people sleep with their mobile phone while sleeping again.

For those who do this, place the phone on something far away before going to bed, not on the side of the pillow or on the bed. This will not lose sleep from the radiation of the phone. When the alarm goes off, you need to get up and turn off the phone.So laziness will go away easily. Technology analysts have come up with some tips to get rid of this unhealthy habit of sleeping with a phone and sleep peacefully.

Technology experts say that those who sleep with the phone aside should turn it off first. The blue light emitted from the phone wakes up the brain and disturbs sleep. Although such light is emitted from computers, laptops or tabs; But using your small smartphone before going to sleep is more harmful.

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Researchers have not come to a definite conclusion about whether radiation emitted from mobile phones can cause cancer or any similar problem. However, some studies have shown that sleep is lost due to this radiation from the phone.

How to use phone in bed ?

1. Do not sleep with a mobile phone next to your head. Keep at least a few feet away. If you want to set the alarm on the phone, put it in airplane mode. Because, its radiation can have a direct effect on your body. Do not leave the bed even if you charge the mobile. Keep the phone away from the body. It will be good to sleep.

2. Excessive use of the phone can make you addicted. That is why your sleep time is reduced a lot. In addition, if the lights of the phone continue to fall on the eyes after going to bed in the dark, the eyes are also extremely damaged. That is why it is better not to use the phone after going to bed.

3. Many people fall asleep listening to music on mobile phones, which is deadly harmful to the brain. It can be seen that many people play music before going to sleep with headphones attached to their mobile phones. It is more deadly harmful.

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4. The light on the phone screen in the dark of night is harmful to the retina of the human eye. This light informs our brain about the initial news of phone or message coming. This light prevents the release of hormones needed for drowsiness.

5. Experts say that if there is a slight difference between the phone and the brain, it affects both the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep. When we lie down next to the phone, it keeps our nerves excited. Unconsciously we wait for the next phone call or massage, which does not allow us to keep our eyes closed for long.

6. Excessive use of the phone also affects the head. You see, using the phone for a long time in the dark irritates the eyes of many, no one can keep their eyes closed. All such problems can be yours.


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