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If you pour water on the sun, will the sun go out?


What happens if one bucket of water in a huge bucket can be spread over the sun. After many years, it is certain that both the radioactive heat and the light of the sun will be gone, but the question is what will happen to us, what will happen to our earth?

But there is no reason to worry because unfortunately or you can say that unfortunately human beings will be destroyed long ago because we can’t see. Can’t we try to extinguish the sun a little earlier? What would happen if it could be poured over the sun.


If I were to ask you in general what is there that can extinguish the sun if we do not have all the sunlight that reaches our earth every day, the energy that we get is about 170 trillion kilowatts so much energy is enough to run our earth for thousands of years .


But it’s not that the total energy that the sun spreads around it reaches our earth is more than 2 million energy but so much energy so much energy where the sun spreads. We didn’t have any headaches with all that.


Maybe we shouldn’t even have to pay the electronic bill. Now let’s get back to science by omitting all these Bhatt stories. Losing about 4 million tons per second The point is that the sun is losing weight.

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Because the sun is burning, it means the sun is producing thermo-nuclear fusion energy. If the sun were about the size of the earth, it would burn out in 50,000 years, but the sun is about 350,000 times bigger than the earth. It’s almost half the time it could have been 10 million years.


I mean, our next generation still has 5 billion years to think about what they’re going to do. It’s not too late to survive that catastrophic event. So the biggest problem is finding the bucket that I don’t think is possible.


Well, I assume there is a bucket and there is technology to scatter that water on the sun, but what will happen then what is the exact answer? In the process of its burning. Which requires three main components: fuel, air and heat.


If we extinguish a burning object with water, that water forms a layer on the fuel, which extinguishes the fire, but the matter of space is a little different because there is no air. Water cannot stop thermo nuclear fusion. No matter how much water we use, The fusion reaction will continue.


To put it bluntly, the sun can burn water as well. So if we pour a big bucket of water over the sun, the sun will get hotter and six times brighter. The sun will increase the weight by 0.7 times by mixing the volume together.

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The resulting new star is about twice the size of the Sun. However, no matter how much water we pour, we will not be able to extinguish the sun. The more water you pour, the stronger and warmer the sun will become. And we will stand on the earth and see the birth of a new sun that is bigger and hotter than before.


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