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The way the owls turn their heads in a circle


Ever seen an owl? Gentlemen, there are many superstitions about this bird species, such as it is a carrier of bad news, its danger is imminent if anyone hears its sound. But there is an extraordinary science in the owl, which in our case is unimaginable.

We often have to look back when walking on the road or in other activities. But it is not possible to turn the neck at too many angles. If you do not believe, try it nowHow far can you keep your body straight and look back?

The way the owls turn their heads in a circle

Yes, not too much. However, it has become our habit to bend our backs as required and look at the objects behind us. But owls can turn their heads at an angle of about 270 degrees, combining the two sides of their position.

What? Aren’t you surprised? So listen, if we (“Like a boss!?!”) Try to do this, then the blood supply arteries from the body to the brain can be ruptured and Akka can be found there.

In most cases, the necks of birds are much more flexible, which plays an important role in their food collection and self-defense. However, the neck of the owl is more flexible. The structure of the bones that connect the neck and the skull is quite efficient, which helps to keep the head moving without any damage from around the circulatory system.

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And that’s why we don’t see birds in the forest, especially owls, dying after a stroke.

No such “unusual or wonderful” traits were necessary for the owls to survive because of their visual impairments and relatively low mobility.

A team of U.S. scientists conducting research on owls recently discovered parts in the arteries of the bird’s scapula that could expand and fill with blood as needed. They believe this has never been known before.

For some, the results of this study may not be very surprising. But it is good to know that it won the Best Poster and Graphics award at the 2012 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, co-sponsored by the US National Science Fund and the Science Journal.


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