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Ways to get rid of acne 


Suffering from acne? Ayurvedic treatment to reduce acne overnight. Ways to get rid of acne


Owners of oily skin suffer from anxiety if not heated. This is because the mixture of dust, sweat, and contamination of the mouth begins to cause acne. Acne can be controlled by many people this year, as corona outbreaks and contamination factors remain low. But it’s only a matter of time before the heat starts to get a little hot. Many rely on home remedies for acne treatment. But you know, there are several ways to cure acne in ancient Indian Ayurveda. And you can use all these ayurvedic ingredients like spot treatment! In other words, there is no need to apply the pack all over the face, just apply it on the acne. Acne will dry out, will not stain!

Ways to get rid of acne 


Basil and turmeric


Many houses have basil trees. And yellow is easy to collect! Make acne medicine with these two ingredients! Take two teaspoons of raw turmeric. In the same way, wash the twenty-five basil leaves well. Mix basil leaf paste and raw turmeric paste together and apply on acne. When dry, wash. Bartinek should be applied daily. Make it once for the whole day, put it in a container and refrigerate.

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Neem leaves and rose water


Neem leaves are a very good antiseptic and rose water keeps the skin soft and fresh. Break off the whole five neem branches including the leaves. Wash the leaves and boil them in water for a few minutes then remove the leaves from the water and beat them in a mixer or on a rock. Now mix two spoons of rose water in the leaf paste. Apply this mixture on acne and let it dry. When dry, rinse with water. The acne will dry out quickly and the pain will subside.




Honey is commonly used in various ayurvedic medicines. Honey can kill a variety of bacteria. Dip a teaspoon of pure honey in a teaspoon of pure honey and apply it on the acne. Wash off after half an hour. Applying it several times a day is bound to reduce acne!




Sandalwood is widely used in Ayurveda to reduce inflammation, pain and cuts. If there is sandal wood in the house, rub sandalwood on it and take out the sandalwood. If not here’s a new product just for you! Make a thick paste of sandalwood powder in rose water or plain water and apply it on acne. There will be a feeling of coolness immediately. Then let it dry. When it is dry and dry, wash it in water.

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Lemon and water


Vitamin C in lemons works great in reducing acne. Squeeze out the juice by squeezing two lemons. Add two teaspoons of water to this juice. Soak cotton in the mixture and apply it on the acne. Acne will dry up very quickly. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to avoid lemon juice, because lemon juice can irritate sensitive skin. Wash your face with lotion and apply moisturizer and sunscreen.


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