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Ways To Increase Digestive Energy


From an early age, many people suffer from various digestive problems. It is normal that everyone’s digestive energy will not be the same. Some people digest food very fast after eating and some people have various problems.
Each person’s metabolism is different. And so it is better to take food only if it identifies the food according to the individual and the food. As it increases the digestive power, it also gets rid of various digestive problems. But yes, there are some reasons for the decrease in digestive energy and for those reasons it is seen that there is always a problem in digestive energy.

Ways to increase digestive energy

Causes of decreased digestive energy

  • If any food is eaten too fast then there is a problem in digestion energy or digestion energy is reduced. There are many of us who do not chew food well and swallow it. And this is the main reason for the decrease in digestive energy.
  • Mental Anxiety, Sleep Irregularities, Irregular Eating, Eating Excessive Oily Foods Problems Digestive Energy and Digestive Energy Decreases.
  • If there are problems in the esophagus, if there are various problems in the stomach, the digestive power decreases.
  • There is an organ in our body called pancreas. If any infection occurs in this organ then the digestive power gradually decreases.
  • Digestive power also decreases as a result of taking too many different medicines.
  • Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, drink, rose, drugs reduces digestive energy.
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Ways to increase digestive energy

1. To be healthy or to have good health, it is very important to maintain or increase the digestive power. If the digestion in the body is not right, then the whole body seems to become stagnant. And so it is very important to increase the digestive power in the body. Just as there are some reasons for the decrease in digestive energy, there are also some ways to increase the digestive energy. Let’s not know the way to increase digestive energy.

2. The first thing to do to increase the digestive power is to observe the food. If you eat or eat any food that causes digestive problems, you need to find out. In our country, many people do not know the correct way to accept the news that they have problems with digestion. This shows that they skip taking a lot of food. It also gradually eliminates the amount of nutrients that their body needs. So the first thing to do is to observe the food and take it out.

3. Proper eating habits must be developed. In all cases, all kinds of food does not fit the body. So you have to develop proper eating habits from the beginning. This will keep the digestive energy right as well as increase the digestive energy.

4. Nutritionists say that physical exercise is very important to increase digestive energy. However, it must be more suitable for the activity of the middle part of the body. In this case there are several physical exercises. For example, lying at a 90 degree angle, raising the legs, turning the legs left and right, spot jogging, etc.

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5. Adequate sleep is very important to increase digestive energy. A healthy person needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. If one regulates it, the amount of digestive energy increases. Therefore, adequate sleep is very important to increase digestive energy.

6. As the supply of oxygen in the body increases, the digestive power will increase. There is no substitute for oxygen for the process of digestion or absorption. And so regular breathing exercises can be done to increase the oxygen supply to the body.

Drugs to increase digestive energy

  • Some home remedies can be taken to increase digestion. Because eating allopathy to increase digestive energy is not always good for the body. However, let’s learn about some of the ways to increase digestive energy.
  • Cumin powder mixed with lukewarm water increases digestion.
  • Raw turmeric is very useful in overcoming digestive problems. A piece of raw turmeric can be eaten to increase digestion.
  • Papaya, whether raw or ripe. There is no comparison in increasing the digestive power. Regular consumption of papaya enhances digestion.
  • Boiling apples and drinking that water regularly helps in increasing the digestive power.
  • The more fibrous foods you add to your diet, the more digestive energy you will have. So add regular fibrous foods to your diet.

Exercises to increase digestive energy

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to increase digestive energy.

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Yoga Asanas: It creates a kind of downward flow of energy in each of our bodies which increases our digestive power and relieves constipation. Regulating it increases the efficiency of the digestive system and increases the digestive power.

Sagittarius: This is an excellent seat to increase digestive energy or increase the efficiency of the digestive system. This seat not only increases digestion but also helps to reduce fat and reduce knee pain.


Bhujungasana: This seat provides adequate amount of oxygen to the body and with regular supply of oxygen to the body, the digestive power increases rapidly. As well as this seat strengthens the bones of the spine.

Walking : If you make a habit of walking for 20 to 30 minutes every day, your digestive power will increase. The easiest way to increase digestive energy is to walk. And so to stay healthy and increase the body’s metabolism, you should practice walking on an average every day.

In the end , if the body’s digestive power is not right, then many problems have to be faced. After the whole body became stagnant. So in order to keep the body healthy, besides eating mindful food, you have to take care that it is digested properly. And all the activities necessary to increase the digestive power should be performed properly.


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