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Ways To Thicken Hair


Ways to thicken thin hair : There is no one among us who likes taco head or hair very little. More important than how long the hair is is how thick and beautiful the hair is. Not only women but men also need thick hair because we don’t know if there is anyone who likes taco head. So everyone wants thick beautiful hair. But it will not work if you want, for this you need hair care. Today’s post is for those who need to know how to thicken their hair. You can find out more in this post:

Ways to thicken front hair,

Ways to thicken hair,

Ways to thicken children’s hair,

Ways to thicken thin hair,

Hair thickening oil.

Ways to thicken thin hair

Ways To Thicken Hair


Ways to thicken front hair

Most of the people who want to know how to thicken their hair suffer from this problem. Here are some effective ways to thicken hair on the front of the head:

1) Massage the oil: Massage the oil on the front part of the head with your fingers (on the scalp) for about 5 minutes. Keep massaging (your regularly used oil) gently massage. Do not pull hard. In this way the oil will reach the hair follicles properly and new hair will grow.

2) Onion juice: You can use onion juice to thicken the hair in front of the head. To use onion juice, first take an onion. It is better if it is hot. Blend the onion or beat in the pan. Squeeze out the juice by squeezing the blended paste of onion in a clean cotton ball. Massage that juice on the scalp. After a few hours, remove the shampoo

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3) Castor oil:  Castor oil’s jury match weight to thicken hair. Castor oil can be used to thicken hair.

Terms of use: Castor oil is very thick so not only can you use castor oil, you can also use it by mixing oil or vitamin E capsules. Apply at night and shampoo in the morning. However, do not apply every day. Apply once a week.

Now we will know how to thicken the hair of the head. Here are the methods that you will read, whatever you use, you will use it on the whole head and not on any specific part.

1) Use eggs: If you can tolerate the smell of eggs, then this is the best pack for you.

Necessary materials 6

 1 clean pot

 1 egg

 Hand beater for mixing (you can work any way if you don’t have a beater).

Method of preparation and use: Break the egg in a clean container and beat well so that the yellow part and the white part are completely mixed. Then I divide the hair and apply it first on the scalp and then gently on the forehead. When the hair is dry, I soak a towel in lukewarm water. The hair will be much softer, new hair will grow and hair will be longer.

2) Milk and Banana Butter: There is a proverb that a black snake is pet with milk banana but not only black snake but also black hair needs milk banana. Milk protein will meet your hair’s protein needs. Let’s find out the milk collar pack.

Materials required:

1 banana (ripe banana)

1 cup milk

Raw (before heating the fire) 1 cup of milk

Preparation: Mix banana well in milk. You can blend the banana if needed. When it is mixed very well, I massage the scalp from head to toe. After 1 hour, wash it, it will make the hair silky and strong.

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3) Lemon and oil : Even if you put lemon on the calp of the head, hair loss will be reduced inshaAllah. Let’s learn the usage process.

Materials required:


A clean pot,


Preparation: In a clean container, take out the juice by squeezing lemon juice. Mix coconut oil with the juice. Gently apply it on the scalp. Wash it off after a few hours. Dandruff on the scalp will be prevented. And hair will grow. The hair will be rough and even if you forget, don’t just give lemon, you must mix oil.

4) Aloe vera or aloe vera: Thin hair can be thickened through its proper use. To use it, separate the jelly part from an aloe vera leaf with a spoon or knife. Paste the gel smoothly. Now rub it well on the scalp of the head and keep it like that for about 10-15 minutes.

Then wash your hair with cold water. This way you can use it twice a week. Aloe vera repairs dead head cells, strengthens hair follicles and helps in hair growth. It thickens the hair. Those who are wondering how to lengthen their hair can use it.

5) Fenugreek: The use of fenugreek in hair care has been going on for ages.

Materials required:

Fenugreek (2 tablespoons),


Preparation and usage rules: 2 tablespoons of fenugreek soaked the night before, soak fenugreek overnight, then add 1 cup of water to the soaked fenugreek head and blend it. .

In addition to mehendi leaves, sour yogurt, potato paste, etc., you will get thick black and smooth hair. Those who want to know how to lengthen hair can also use the above methods. And some precautions are needed to make the hair long, for example

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1) Do not tie wet hair.

2) Do not dry your hair with a hair dryer.

3) Do not shampoo more than twice a week.

4) Do not forget to apply conditioner on the scalp.

5) Sleep at night with your hair tied.

In addition, if there is a habit of intoxication, it should be eliminated. Along with this you need to eat nutritious food and sleep at the right time.

These are the easy ways to thicken the hair of adults / the way to thicken thin hair, now we know the way to thicken the hair of children.

Ways to thicken children’s hair

There are some babies who are born with less hair. Even if their hair does not start to fall out, their hair is thin. The easiest way to thicken their hair is to give them nutritious food.

Hair thickening oil

Many people want to know the name of the hair thickening oil again! / What oil makes the hair long! I suggest some oil for them. However, before using it, you must consult with a hair specialist because not everyone has the same type of scalp.

1) Biotic Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil for Falling Hair (Biotique Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil For Falling Hair).

2. Iveda Herbals Niv Intensive Hair Growth Oil.

3) Khadi Naturals Henna & Rosemary Herbal Hair Oil (Khadi Natural Henna Rosemary Herbal Hair Oil).

4) Hair King.

5) Olive oil.

6) Castor oil.

Latest Tips: Follow the above rules to find the difference in hair after 1 month. However, even after following the above rules, if the hair is not long, you should first find out where the problem is and take action accordingly.


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