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What Does Google Know About Me?


“When you use Google’s services, you trust Google with your information.” One such line is mentioned on the privacy-policy page of US technology company Google. Google is the most used search engine in the worldDo you know what Google’s core business is? Google has many businesses, the main one being advertising. Google ads can be seen on various websites, mobile applications, YouTube, search results everywhere.

What Does Google Know About Me?

Tell me, what does Google know about you? If I were asked such a question, I would answer that Google knows what my loved ones don’t know about me. As you may have noticed, Google shows you ads that you see on Google, content that you see on various websites and YouTube.

How is this possible?


Google monitors all your activity. Your location, what you are looking for on the internet, what you are searching for, what kind of content you are viewing, etc. By reviewing these, Google gets an idea of ​​what you are interested in, how old you are, your gender, what you love. Google then shares your likes, ages, addresses, religions, genders, likes and dislikes with the advertiser company or organization when a company or organization applies to show ads on Google. Google collects money in return. And this is how Google makes money.



If you want to know what Google knows about you right now, click on the button below to return to the Google Ad Settings page.


Google Ad Settings


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