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What Is A Processor?


What is a processor? What is the core and generation of the processor, these are discussed in detail in this post. Read this post to know more about processor.

When we go to buy a laptop or computer, the shopkeeper shows us different models of laptops or computers and says that the processor of this laptop is core i3 10 th generation or core i5 10 th generation.

What Is A Processor

Those of us who are new to the world of computers or laptops may not understand what is a processor, what is the core of the processor, what is the generation of the processor .

If you read today’s article in its entirety, I hope the idea about processors will be clear. So let’s get to know the processor from beginning to end.

What is a processor?

The full form of the CPU is the Central Processing Unit, which we call the processor for short. Simply put,

★ The processor is the heart of the computer or digital device, which receives all the inputs in the computer and gives the output to the user accordingly.

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What does the processor do?

The processor’s job is to take various input commands from the user and show the output accordingly. For example,

It takes some time when you want to play a video. It may take 1/2 second or less. During this time the processor processes the video and plays it on the monitor, making it suitable for your viewing.

How long it takes for video to play depends on the processor on your computer or laptop. If good quality processors are used then it will take very little time and if low quality processors are used then it will take relatively more time.

Just as a person cannot live a moment without a heart, so a computer / laptop cannot run without a processor. Processors are also used in our mobile phones.

Everything that happens on a computer or mobile phone is directly dependent on the processor. Open a file, run office software, open a browser and browse; The processor does all this.

How many types of processors?

Processor can be divided into different parts in different directions. Below we will discuss comparative types of processors from a core and generation perspective.

What is the core of the processor?

The number of units used in a processor is called the core of the processor. Knowing its types first, then I will discuss in detail.

The type of processor in terms of core is:

  • Dual Core Processor.
  • Quad Core Processor.
  • Hexa Core Processor.
  • Octa Core Processor.
  • Deca Core Processor.

Notice the image above. The dual core here means that a processor has two processor units of the same capacity. There are 4 units in quad core processors, 6 units in hexa core processors, 8 units in octa core processors and 10 units in deca core processors.

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The higher the number of cores in a processor, the more powerful it is than a normal processor. If a dual core processor takes 3 seconds to complete a task, it will take 1 second or less to complete a task with a hexa core processor.

What is processor generation?

A processor is made up of billions of transistors. The more transistors a processor has, the more power it will have.

However, only if the amount of transistors is not enough. The shorter the distance between them, the greater their efficiency. That is why every year processor manufacturers like Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Mediatek bring more advanced processors to the market.

They basically increase the amount of transistors and reduce the distance between them. Intel updates their processors every two years. For example, the latest processor is currently 11th th Generation. Before that it was 11 th , 9 th , 8 th Generation etc.

The amount of transistors in the 10th th processor is higher than the 9 th generation processor.

Again the amount of transistors in the 11th th processor is more than the 10 th generation.

In this way, the companies are increasing the amount of transistors and bringing more powerful processors in the market every year.

Which processor has how many cores?

Here we will talk about Intel’s processor. This company has many processors, all with different names and different functionality.

Intel Core i3

These processors have 2, 4, 6 cores. There are three types of core i3 processors available in the market. They are Dual core, Quad core, Hexa core. It is written on the packet of the processors, which is the processor with how many cores.

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Intel Core i5

There are several variants of these processors. For example: Dual core, Quad Core, Hexa core, Octa core. However, usually dual core processors are more available in the market.

Intel Core i7

These processors start from quad core. Intel i7 processors are up to quad core, hexa core, octa core.

Processor : Intel Core i3.
Number of cores : Dual, Quad, Hexa Core.

Processor : Intel Core i5.
Number of cores : Quad, Hexa, Octa Core.

Processor : Intel Core i7.
Number of cores : Quad, Hexa, Octa Core.

In this part we will talk about AMD’s processor. The company’s processors are currently very popular for gaming and multitasking.

AMD Ryzen 3

These processors are made by Quad Core. This means that there are four processor units at the same time. The current range of AMD processors starts from here.

AMD Ryzen 5

Hexa core is used in these CPUs. That means there are 6 CPU units at the same time. They also use 12 thread technology.

AMD Ryzen 7

This is the processor with AMD’s latest core so far. These use Octa core CPU units. That means there are 8 processor units at the same time.

Processor : AMD Ryzen 3.
Number of cores : Quad Core.

Processor : AMD Ryzen 5.
Number of cores : Hexa Core.

Processor : Intel Core i7.
Number of cores : Octa Core.

The performance of a processor does not depend only on the core and generation. In addition to these, there are complex issues like cache memory, threads etc. I will write another article about them later.

If you want to know more about the processor, you can write it in the comments. I will try to reply as soon as possible.


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