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What is a star fall?


What is a star fall? Why do they run in the sky?

Today I will discuss a small topic. That is what is called stellar fall and how stellar fall occurs. So let’s not know what the stars fall.

What is the fall of the star?
What is the fall of the star?

Sometimes looking at the sky at night, it seems that they are running from the sky to another place. Again it looks like they are coming down from the sky.

These are actually parts of comets or planets. These objects are called meteors. Many such objects orbit in space. When they come close to a planet or star, they run towards the planet due to gravity. This is called star fall.

Many people call this type of meteorite a shooting star. But in fact these are not meteors.

What is the speed of the meteor during the fall of the star?

These meteorites can range in diameter from dust to 1 meter. While running, their speed is around 10 thousand and above. Due to this high speed the collision with the wind creates a stream of fire.

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Last word 

Then friends, I hope you understand what a star fall is and why it happens. All will be well.


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