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What is an isotope?


What is an isotope? : Today I will discuss a topic for students that students almost forget during exams. The question is what isotope is. Let’s take a look at all the isotopes we know today.

What is an isotope

What does isotope mean?

Isotope is a Greek word. iso means the same and tope means space. Isotope means the same placeholder.

What is an isotope? 

Multiple atoms of a mole with the same atomic number but different mass numbers are called isotopes of each other.

In other words,

Atoms that have the same number of protons but different numbers are called isotopes.

Due to the number of protons being one, the atomic number and electron configuration are the same. This results in similar physical and chemical properties. So they are atoms of different masses of the same element.

What isotopes and the properties of isotopes 

  • Isotopes are atoms of the same element.
  • Their atomic number i.e. proton number is the same but mass number is different. Because their number of neutrons is different from each other.
  • Since the atomic numbers are the same, the isotopes of each other are in the same position. Hence their name isotope.
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What is Isobar? 

Atoms that have the same number of masses or nucleons but different numbers of electrons or atomic numbers are called isobars of each other. Isobars are atoms of different moles. Such as tellurium (Te) and iodine (I) are isomers of each other.

Features of Isobar 

  • Isobars are atoms of different elements.
  • Their mass numbers are the same but their atomic numbers are different.
  •  Because the atomic numbers are different, the isotones of each other are in different positions in the periodic table.

I know what is isotope. Now we don’t know what isotope is.

What is isotone? 

Atoms that have the same number of neutrons but different atomic numbers and mass numbers are called isotones of each other. The number of neutrons in both atoms is the same.

So they are isotones of each other

Isotonous properties:

  • Isotones are atoms of different elements.
  • Their atomic number i.e. number of protons and number of masses are different but number of neutrons is the same.

Last word

If you have any questions about what isotope is, please let us know in the comments. I hope you can understand all of the above.


How isotopes are used in medical science?

Answer : The radioactive iodine isotope (I31) is used in the treatment of cancer and tumors.

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Show the use of isotopes in agriculture? 

Answer: In agriculture, using radioactive isotopes, various information about plant growth and disease is available.

Isotopes are also used to determine the age of the rock and the earth


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