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What is AR Augmented Reality?


Augmented reality is a direct or indirect view created using computer-generated perceptual input by augmenting relevant sound, video, graphics or GPS data from different parts of the real world or scene.

Using modern augmented technology (such as computer vision and object recognition), its users can make the information around them influential and digitally manipulative. He can use this technology to present various artificial information about the environment around him.

what is ar

Augmented Reality is a highly advanced version of Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality is not really a reality, but a way of combining two different phenomena using artificial intelligence and computer simulation, using our brain’s nervous senses with something real. This technology not only implements science fiction, but also helps to see the invisible world. As you sit in a chair with a head mounted display in your eye, you can taste a completely different three-dimensional environment through a simulated system like the Ironman movie!

Remember, what happens in virtual reality? You live at home but it seems you are not at home and have gone to another world. But in augmented reality, if you sit at home you will feel like you are sitting at home, you have not gone anywhere. But the footage you see here will look like it was happening inside your house. Suppose you are watching a video of a dinosaur through AR, now you will feel that the dinosaur is sitting inside your house. Maybe the wall of your house burst and dinosaurs entered. Unlike virtual reality in augmented reality, you will not feel that you have passed away in the world of dinosaurs, but you will feel that this world of yours, that is, your home, has left dinosaurs.

Apple’s chief executive says that just as smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life, this augmented reality will blend into people’s lives in the near future. Is that all? This augmented reality will take the technology business to the next level. Global market research and consulting firms like Market Stand Market have already predicted that AR is going to create a market of  117.40 billion by 2022. Companies like GoogleFacebook will be able to make money from this AR in the first place. And it will be possible to create an alternative style of conventional advertising management. Augmented Reality allows companies to advertise their products on any type of object. This will make it possible to get out of trouble like the pop app. You can find out his favorite place by installing the app to get AR instructions given by a friend.

We are in augmented reality :


The heat of augmented reality is already being felt. The people concerned think that it will have a great impact on entertainment in particular. The popular game ‘Pokemon Go’ is based on augmented reality technology. According to Apple, the most downloaded app from their store is Pokemon Go. This means that augmented reality will rule the video game world in the near future, with augmented reality having a relationship with technology in all areas. AR technology has been integrated with hardware, display, HUD, contact lens, virtual retinal display, iTap, handheld, tracking, input device, computer and other technology devices. Literature, Archeology, Architecture, Visual Arts, Business, Education, Emergency Management, Search, Video Games, Artistic Design, Medical, Military, Navigation, Broadcast & Live Events, Tourism, Translation, Where music will not be augmented reality. The next world will be called a dependent world, but it will not be exaggerated!

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Examples and uses of augmented reality :

To give an example of augmented reality, we have to talk about Google Glass. It’s like a pair of glasses. When you read Google Glass, you will not feel that you have gone anywhere else. You will be in the real world but a small screen will appear on one side of your real world. Where you can watch videos or work.

Suppose you are reading Google Glass while riding a bike. However, you can see your bike and the road, but there will be a small map in one corner where your bike is going and a description of your location.

If you want to talk about the highly advanced augmented reality device, you have to talk about “Microsoft is the lens”. This is an awesome augmented reality device. Here you can create many virtual objects in your world. Suppose you think of buying a dressing table. Now it is only possible to know how this dressing table will fit in your room or what color or design will be best after buying the dressing table and placing it in your room. But if you wear the Microsoft Holo lens and play the structure of the dressing table on your tablet or mobile, you will see a virtual dressing table in your room. You will see that virtual dressing table from all sides, you will feel very real.

what is Augmented reality

How AR works :

As simple as it looks, its operation is just as difficult. AR technology uses high speed processors, display glasses, audio input-output devices, GPS, various types of motion sensors, cameras, etc. In addition to glass, various types of display technology are used. Although there are headsets for augmented reality, these technologies are also present in smartphones, so ARK can also be used in smartphones. The recently launched iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 have the advantage of using AR. AR requires Real Time Data, which allows you to interact virtually with the real environment.

Outside of an AR device are usually sensors and cameras. The sensor will collect all the information from the environment around you, such as your movement, sound, light. And the camera plays a major role in capturing real-world illustrated information. Cameras perform tasks such as taking pictures or capturing video for augmentation.

The AR devices in which the projector is used can make an ‘interactive screen’ on any surface. In that case it will process the input from the ‘data gloves’ in your hand.

You can check how the house will look good by decorating it through Amazon Shop as you wish.

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Now the thing is, where so much data goes! In fact, each AR device is a computer. And so there are processors, RAM, memory, etc. to process data. Taking data from the user, they are controlled by software based on certain algorithms. And these tasks require a high-speed processor. As the days go by, this technology will get smaller in size. Sensors track your every move. As a result, AR will understand your gesture and act accordingly. It will present the information in front of you in accordance with the real world.

A sequential history of augmented reality :

The modern concept of modern AR technology came in the 1900‘s. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum in 1901 Give the idea of ​​an electronic display screen, so that different information will be mixed and served with the real environment. The first head mounted display was made by Ivan Sutherland in 1968. Then in 1980 it could be attached to the first body Steve Mann created a computer that was a computer vision system. It used a text and graphics environment. In 1999 Former Boeing researcher Thomas P. Caudell first coined the term ‘augmented reality’. But the path of augmented reality began with the hand of the Armstrong Lab of the US Air Force. In 1992, Louis Rosenberg created an AR system called Virtual Fixtures. It used a full upper body exoskeleton, which was worn by the user for control and had two robotic arms and an eyeglass.

Patty Maze and Pranab Mistry later created an AR gadget in 2009 on behalf of MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfair Group. They named it SixthSense. It used cameras, small projectors, smartphones, mirrors and fingers Gave SixthSense. It used special caps for cameras, small projectors, smartphones, mirrors and fingers. One of its specialties was that it allowed any surface to work with an interactive screen. But after the launch of Google Glass in 2013, people started responding to AR. Google Glass was able to respond to user talk, touch or head movements. It looked a lot like ordinary framed glasses. The response was overwhelming, but it was discontinued because it was not commercially successful, and Google began working on an improved version.

In March 2016, Microsoft launched HoloLens, Which was a better and more successful device than Google Glass. It was a Windows Ten based ‘Mixed Reality Device’. The Pokemon Go game also received a huge response in 2016. Many tech experts have described it as a trailer for augmented reality. According to them, there is a hint of what augmented reality can be. But this is not an example of a fully augmented reality.

AR technology can change our future. Medical, education, communication, security, conferences, designing, entertainment are all in great demand. According to experts, AR and all other technologies can take the place. At the same time, it can open the door to endless possibilities for us. Although this technology has not yet spread that way, there is a lack of useful content. However, big companies like Google, Facebook or Microsoft are not sitting still. They have started investing in this sector. Maybe in the near future it will be our constant companion. But how well people can use this technology is a matter of concern.

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The use of augmented reality in the military has started long ago. The costly training of the Navy and Air Force in particular is greatly benefiting from the use of augmented reality. The military is also able to hone its skills through virtual reality. It is thought that augmented reality will bring a magical revolution to the world of advertising like movies. First-tier analytics companies are already predicting that the total market for augmented reality will exceed 119 billion by 2022. Meanwhile, mobile app developers are scrambling to create augmented reality based apps. The augmented reality based game Pokemon Go changed the thinking of game makers in 2015. This is the most downloaded augmented reality based Pokemon game on the internet so far. Google, Microsoft,Companies like Apple as well as Lenovo have been involved in creating augmented reality based devices.

But so far the most astonishing device with augmented reality has been created by Microsoft. Their device is called Microsoft Hololens. This device has a head gear which is very similar to a modern sunglasses. With the help of this glass, users can easily dive into the world of games or movies or can travel from a distant country.

However, augmented reality is not yet a very readily available technology. Initially, it costs a lot. Scientists, on the other hand, fear that humans will gradually become more mechanized through augmented reality. According to some, it could deplete mankind. They have repeatedly warned that this imaginary technology could gradually reduce people’s ability to think. They also believe that augmented reality can reduce people’s ability to socialize. They think that excessive smartphone addiction will harm us.

What is AR Augmented Reality

The difference between virtual reality and augmented reality :

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I hope you have understood the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality by now. However, let’s just say that when you tell your friend about virtual reality and augmented reality, there is no confusion between you.

  • Virtual reality.
  • Augmented Reality.
  • Virtual reality is much cheaper.
  • Augmented reality is very expensive.

You have to read a headset to enjoy virtual reality. And through this you leave your own world and enter a whole new world.

In augmented reality all virtual objects are created in your real life.

Virtual reality is used for any tour, to enjoy 3D maps, 3D movies, 3D games, etc.

Augmented Reality is used for interactive content, gaming or if you want to invent something new in your world.

Examples of virtual reality are Google Cardboard, or the headset of any cardboard dependent company, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, etc.

Examples of augmented reality are Google Glass, Microsoft is the lens, and so on.

The last word :

We hope you enjoy the article on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and if you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. Want to know better but let me know in the comments I will try to let you know as much as I know.


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