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What Is Diploma Engineering?


What is Diploma Engineering? | Qualification to study engineering

Technical or lifelong learning , almost all of us have heard about this education. Where theoretical studies as well as hands-on instruction are given through practical classes. Although most of the studies in Bangladesh are academic, the only exception is Diploma Engineering . In addition to academic studies, practical classes are conducted here to teach the students pen in hand.

The number of people who have not seen the movieThree Idiots” is very low. In this movie, Aamir Khan says that the things that make our life easier are the machines.

The job of engineers is to make life easier through new inventions using science and technology.

What Is Diploma Engineering

At present in the education system of Bangladesh in most cases only academic studies are done. On the other hand, in the case of diploma studies, both academic and practical are given equal importance in the syllabus. There are opportunities to study diploma in various subjects in Bangladesh.

Interestingly, the acceptance of manual study and work is increasing day by day in Bangladesh as well as abroad. The countries of the world that have given more importance to technical education have become more economically prosperous. If we look at China or Japan now, we can understand this.

And not only in the case of diploma holders, but also in general honors , masters, but in case of freshers getting job, part time work experience is required. And besides studying there, when there is practical experience including project assignment, it becomes much easier for diploma engineers to get a job. Now let’s not know, what is Diploma Engineering .

What is Diploma Engineering?

Diploma Engineering is a 4 year course where science, technology, mathematics are taught in detail. The engineering curriculum in public and private polytechnics for a period of 4 years is called Diploma Engineering. Diploma Engineering Generally those students who have passed or have passed SSC or equivalent examination can apply for Diploma Engineering.

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What are the subjects taught in Diploma Engineering?

Notable subjects of Diploma Engineering are- Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering. We are much more familiar with these issues.

However, with the current times, various subjects have been added to the polytechnic institutes. Such as: Food Engineering, Printing Engineering, Graphic Design, Glass Engineering, Ceramic Engineering, Electro Medical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding Engineering, Civil (Wood) Engineering, Engineering, Surveying, Engineering, etc.

Computer Science and Technology, Environmental Science Engineering, Architecture and Interior Design, Making Garment Design and Pattern Making, Instrumentation and Process Control, Data Telecommunication and Networking, Aircraft, Aircraft Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Avenonic) and Mining and Mine Survey Technology etc. .

What is the standard / demand of Diploma Engineering?

In the context of the education system of Bangladesh, on the one hand, if you want to study engineering, you have to pass HSC or equivalent examination . On the other hand , in the case of Diploma Engineering, anyone can apply to study Engineering at a Polytechnic Institute 2 years in advance.

There is a lot of demand for Diploma Engineering as there is a possibility of getting a job quickly after graduation and one can apply only after passing SSC. Now let’s talk about the value / demand of Diploma Engineering .

According to the National Education Policy, there is a grade standard for each level of education. Where the grade value of Higher Secondary or HSC is 12. Honors, 3 year term degree or equivalent grade value 15, and 4 year term honors grade value 16. And all these have to be applied after passing HSC.

On the other hand, one can apply immediately after passing SSC in Diploma Engineering and its grade value is 14.

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Eligibility to study Diploma Engineering

Any student who has passed SSC and equivalent examinations can apply for Diploma in Engineering. In this case, there is no limit to the age and the year in which you have passed.

There is another unimaginable opportunity in the field of Diploma Engineering. As we all know, to study engineering, one has to be from science department or science background. The bright exception here, however, is the Diploma in Engineering. Anyone who has passed from any department can be admitted in Diploma Engineering. Admission has started from 2020-2021 academic year according to this new law. I think this is a landmark step to take the country forward in technical education.

The admission process follows the quota system in polytechnic institutes like other higher education institutions.

2% seats are reserved for teachers and staff. 5% seats are allotted for children or grandchildren of freedom fighters and 15% for students who have passed SSC Vocational Examination.

Where is Diploma Engineering taught?

Diploma Engineering can be studied in both Government Polytechnic Institute and Private Polytechnic Institute located in different districts of Bangladesh. Diploma in Engineering is also available at the Institute of Glass and Ceramics, Bangladesh Survey Institute and Graphic Arts Institute.

So far, there are a total of 50 government polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh, where diploma engineering is taught.

The best polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh are: Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, Dhaka Polytechnic Institute, Rangpur Polytechnic Institute, Sylhet Polytechnic Institute, Kushtia Polytechnic.

At present, the number of privately registered polytechnic institutes is constantly increasing, which is not an accurate statistic. However, there are 439 private polytechnic institutes so far.

For the convenience of the students, it is better to say that the cost of studying in a private polytechnic institute is comparatively much higher than that of a government polytechnic institute. Therefore, before enrolling in any private polytechnic institute, it is better to know the details about its expenses and then get admitted. There are various groups related to admission in online polytechnic institutes, if necessary, you can also take advice from senior brothers by posting from those groups.

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Application process in Diploma Engineering

All notices regarding admission to Diploma Engineering are available from the official website of the Polytechnic Board of Education, btebadmission.gov.bd  .

A student can apply for admission in 15 institutions simultaneously. However, the application fee must be submitted before the online application. To submit the application fee, one has to pay an application fee of Tk. 238 through various mobile banking services like bKash, Rocket, SureCash.

There is no need to participate in any admission test in case of application. Students can be admitted only on the basis of SSC results .

On the basis of the preferred subject mentioned in the application form, merit and quota are selected for admission in the first year.

At the time of admission, the original number sheet or transcript of SSC or equivalent examination has to be submitted to the concerned Polytechnic Institute.

Why should I study Diploma in Engineering?

Many people think that Diploma Engineering should be studied for several reasons. E.g.

  •  Assurance of getting a job quickly. After completing Diploma Engineering, one can join directly as a second class officer.
  • This degree is quite acceptable outside the country as well as in one’s own country as it is taught by hand. So after studying in the country, you can easily take the opportunity of employment abroad.
  • Sessionjat free education system. While session time is a waste of valuable time in other higher education institutions, it is not at all the case in Diploma Engineering.

In conclusion , in this age of globalization, the number of diverse industries is increasing. And this growing industry has opened the door to new possibilities for engineers, or is opening up over time. Diploma engineering can be a potential opportunity to position yourself at this juncture.


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