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What is Trust Wallet and How to use?


There are many types of crypto currencies. Such as Coinbase wallet, Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Ledger Nano S Plus, Electrum, BlueWallet, Exodus, Cryto.com and many others. Trust Wallet is one of them. In September 2022, Trust Wallet was the third largest cryptocurrency wallet worldwide. So you can imagine that how famous the app is! Here we will try to explain what it is and how it work..

Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet is a wallet that is used for the purchase of cryptocurrency. Here a person can sell, buy, exchange and deposit the cryptocurrencies. It is the official wallet by Binance. And it’s a decentralized secure crypto mobile wallet.
In 2017, Trust Wallet was founded by Viktor Radchenko. With a focus to build a better interface for storing and accessing funds. Originally built to support Ethereum based tokens. But is now supports 40 different blockchains and more than 160 000 assets. The Trust Wallet was acquired by Binance in July of 2018. With this partnership trust wallet now also integrates with the Binance smart chain. The wallet is personal but there has no collection of one’s personal data and one can access to one’s private data keys stored locally on one’s device. And therefore, one can complete control over one’s funds. The wallet very easy to use.
There’s a whole host of easy to use features. Such as quick and easy buying with credit and debit cards for those that are getting started and maybe buying the first crypto. Now one thing to mention here is that one can’t sell a coin to cash out and withdraw back to a bank account or back to a card within the wallet. This is something that will need to be performed on an exchange such as Binance. One can also swap or exchange your crypto from right within the wallet. One can stake and earn interest on your crypto. And the mobile app which is available for android or iPhone is currently being used by over 5 million people.

Let’s jump to the work through
Firstly, you have to download the app and install the app. And it’s launched you can either create a new wallet or you can restore a wallet if for example you have a new phone you have to go ahead and create a new wallet. Then you’ll need to write your security words down and keep them somewhere safe and offline and away from any potential harm as anyone who has access to these words will have control of your funds. It can simply recover your wallet by using these word phrase. Once you’ve written down those words in the right of the corner and confirmed them. Then you will go to the home screen. Then you have to putting funds into here is to secure your wallet with an extra level of security. You’ll need to go to the settings. There you can set app lock where you’ll prompted to set a passcode. At the home, you can see here your balance on the left corner. There has in your chosen fiat currency which you can change under the settings. Then pre-populated you automatically have Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB. And there you can see the current price the 24-hour change and any balance that you have of that asset. You can add more to this list. There has a whole host of assets that you can choose from or you can search for a crypto. It will show you the asset information the website and the market cap etc. You then have quick links for sending so if you wanna send this particular crypto exchange or another wallet. You can simply placed in the recipient address into the bar or you can scan a QR code of the deposit option and using this method can help you to eliminate entering in an incorrect address. You then enter in the amount that like to send or you can click onto max to send across all of your funds. You also have an option for receiving which will display your address for this specific type of crypto and your QR code too. Just remember that you’ll have different addresses for different blockchains. So make sure that you are sharing the correct type of address from here. Otherwise, you will risk losing your funds. Now let’s see across some BNB from the Binance exchange to show you this process.
You have to select BNB and choose to receive. Then you have to copy the address. If you had to cross to Binance and withdraw then you can prompted to enter in the recipient address which is your receipt you just copied across from your Trust Wallet. If you worried it might be going to the wrong chain it will come up with an error. If you’ve done this incorrectly so don’t worry. It will notify you instantly.

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They have third party providers integrated into the app. So that you can easily buy with a credit or a debit card. Simply you have to enter the amount that you’d like to buy in USD. There’s a minimum amount of 50 in here and the amount of crypto that you’re going to receive will show underneath and that’ll include the fees. Then you have to choose your payment provider if you have more than one option here. And it will show you the rate for each. Then you have follow the instruction on screen by the third party provider. Trust Wallet doesn’t save any of the information that you provide. The third party provider processes the transection send their end and then sends the crypto to your wallet once the payment is confirmed. You’ll definitely be paying at a premium here and at the very beginning if you want to sell your crypto for fear and cash out to a bank or a credit card.

If you have some binance BNB you can state them directly from within your Trust Wallet. Here you can view the state details which shows you information about staking BNB. It provides you with the APR as well the lock time and it will shows me the amount available and the amount that you has staked.

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Trust Wallet provides you with an easy way to store and access all your crypto collectibles in NFTS. And they say this is with peace of mind security. If you want to store your NFTS or collectibles within the Trust Wallet. Then you have to simply click on to receive and you’ll be prompted with a QR code and an address that you can send them across to.

In the desktop, there has two option. First you have the option to swap which is a more simplified method of exchanging your tokens. You can swap to any two tokens on the same chain. Just enter the token that you currently have and them the token that you’d like to swap to or you’d like to receive. Then you’ll want to enter in how many tokens you’d like to swap. Or you can use a percentage of your balance there. And there’ll be an automatic conversion rate that’ll give you an idea of how much you’ll receive and you’ll get a notification once the swap is complete. The tokens will be already sent to your wallet. You can exchange the tokens as similar to the binance trading screen. First you can tap onto the trading pair on the upper left. Then select your market for trading. You can see the order book for the token and buy and sell orders you can swap between buy and sell screens.

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On the settings you can create multi wallets and you can manage from here too. From here you can create a new wallet or restore from an existing one and you can manage several wallets or from inside one app which is pretty handy to have. You have your security, your preferences with different fiat currency options. Let’s know some other things of it. With the one-inch exchange aggregator. So one-inch does support the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain but it also supports the Binance the Binance smart chain. When you go to connect your wallet at app it’ll ask you which network you’d like to connect. Then you have to connect your Trust Wallet to this process.

When you connect to the Binance smart chain instead of Ethereum you don’t actually get the option to select wallet connect. However, you do get metamask and this gonna connect to Binance smart chain.

In conclusion, Trust Wallet is very helpful for a user whoever buy, sell and restore the crypto currencies. And it’s very easy to use.
You can download the app from here: https://trustwallet.com/deeplink/


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