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What Is VR Virtual Reality?


Virtual reality is a digital technology that is not really real but the concept of real environment, capable of creating feelings. Scenes shown in it are made entirely by software or are partially real. In today’s article we will learn what virtual reality is and how it works. With that we will learn more about the areas of application of virtual reality.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is one of the most exciting discoveries in the age of modern information technology. This is called VR (Virtual Reality) for short. The meaning of the word Virtual is unreal and the word Reality means real, here the two words may seem conflicting. Virtual reality is not real but can make the user feel like a real environment which creates an environment where the user feels real. Using it people can taste any imaginary or rare environment. Users can enter the world of imagination using modeling and simulation methods in virtual reality technology. It uses advanced 3D and 5D technology to create imaginative environments that enable you to feel physically and mentally. By now you must have got an idea of ​​what virtual reality is. Let’s take a look at how virtual reality works.

What is virtual reality

How does virtual reality work?

Virtual reality works with a number of devices. One of them is a special type of headset rich helmet or glasses, hand gloves, special type of clothing etc. The spectacle or helmet that the user wears is used to create two or three different three-dimensional scenes in two eyes, evoking a real feeling in the brain. The user sees a realistic vivid image behind a helmet, hand gloves, suit or dress with a stereoscopic or three-dimensional screen that introduces him into the world of imagination. The speed control sensor matches the speed of the user with the speed of the scene shown in virtual reality. In doing so, he continues to think that everything is real.

History of Virtual Reality:

(1) He first used the term virtual reality in the 1938 book The Theater and It’s Double by Antonim Artaud, a French playwright, poet, actor and director. The term virtual reality was later used in Damien Brodrick’s The Judas Mandala science fiction.

(2) Although Morton L. Helig first introduced virtual reality in 1961 with his sensorrama stimulator, it had nothing to do with computers.

(3) Thoughts on modern virtual reality began in the 1980s. In 1984, hacker Lenier began researching virtual reality at his VPL Research Corporation, which gave birth to today’s virtual reality technology. The company is located in California, USA.

Here are some of the ones that are considered important in virtual reality technology:

Sound: In virtual reality, sound emanates from a particular place and seems to be dynamic or variable. This is because three-dimensional words are added to this technology so that the sound creates a kind of surreal three-dimensional environment.

Sight: Spectacles or helmets have small screens and multidimensional displays are used. This enables the user to view realistic but surreal (fictional) scenes.

Brain: Research on the human brain has reshaped the computer-generated world, allowing information to be accurately analyzed and artificially transmitted to the brain. For which various artificial stimulations are provided to the brain so that it is possible to create artificial sensations like realities through images in various surreal scenes.

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Touch: The special kind of shoes, gloves or specialized clothing used in virtual reality technology helps to bring a person artificially closer to the real world.

Telepresence : The process of managing tasks over long distances using high-powered computer graphics is called telepresence. The process of telepresence has been greatly improved through virtual reality. For example, pilots may be trained in virtual environments to operate artificial aircraft, just like the real ones, or pilots may take pre-driving training in artificially created real-world environments.

Use of virtual reality in daily life:

1. Virtual reality is being used to provide modern quality training to doctors in the developed world. In the virtual operating room, students are able to practice tactical skills, operations and theoretical issues related to the disease.

2. Virtual driving is taught through virtual reality. As a result, it is possible to master the various rules and regulations of driving very easily.

3. Commercial airlines or the military in the developed world have long used virtual reality in aviation training. It is possible to provide low cost pilot training in flight simulation through the application of virtual reality techniques.

4. Virtual reality is used extensively in various types of military training.
5. Information and communication systems have been simplified using military reality in business.

6. Each phase of the space mission carries a variety of risks. Virtual Reality therefore occupies a special place in the training of all the important tests related to the preparation period, the activities of the astronauts, all the details related to the operation of the spacecraft.

Areas of application of virtual reality

The scope of demand and use of virtual reality or VR is increasing day by day. Virtual reality is currently being used for various purposes, which are briefly discussed below

In pilot training: Virtual reality is the most practical use. In a flight simulator, pilots can actually understand the real world of aviation before the actual flight. Virtual reality is also used for driving training in automobiles, ships, etc.

In military training: Virtual reality provides advanced and perfect training to the soldiers by creating a real battlefield atmosphere. Soldiers can be aware of what to do in real war situations.

In the field of entertainment: People are more familiar with virtual reality through various forms of entertainment. Virtual reality based fiction, mythology, cartoons etc. created in three dimensional system are gaining popularity and acceptance among the people day by day.

In the field of medicine: It is widely used in a wide range of medical sciences. Virtual reality is used to train new surgeons in a variety of areas, including complex operations, prostheses, DNA testing, and more. There are also many other uses for virtual reality.

Virtual Reality in Education and Training :

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has already created some great ‘features’ in the field of education by providing package experience and services to a large number of startups and established organizations targeting educational institutions. The Engage (VR) platform is currently being used in distance learning activities by Facebook, HTC and the European Commission.

According to a study published in 2019, medical students trained using VR can complete certain tasks faster and more accurately than their peers trained using common methods. With the addition of new technology to VR, teaching and learning subjects will become more effective.

VR is also being used in training to limit troublesome and stressful situations and to monitor participant feedback. For example, during the festive season, when there is a crowd of customers, Walmart trained employees on how to deal with the environment using VR technology.

In the field of industry and work, the VR :

Corona epidemic has come up with new challenges as well as changing the type of work. Technology plays an important role in ensuring work-from-home and team-based work environments. Experts are describing VR technology as a huge potential for dealing with such situations. Spotial has developed a tool that they describe as the VR version of Zoom. The company said that the use of the platform has increased by 1000 percent since March last year.

In 2018, the market value of VR commercial equipment was 829 million. According to research by Artillery Intelligence, by 2023, its market will stand at 4260 million.

Communications giant Ericsson provided Oculus VR to employees working from home during the lockdown last year. The company said it was working on the Internet of Things. These include sensations such as touch, taste, smell, and heat and cold. According to the company’s forecast, by 2030, it will be possible to communicate the five senses through the Internet.

what is vr

Virtual Reality in socialization :

In Socialization Several VR based social platforms have already been created. It allows you to chat and play with friends in virtual environments like VR Chat, AltSpace VR and Rick Room. With the development of new technology in the coming years, this technology will become more effective and attractive to the mainstream customers.

Last year, Facebook‘s sister company VR headset maker Oculus unveiled a platform called Facebook Horizon. As a result, VR technology is likely to be added to Facebook in the future. Now in beta version people can create and share collaborative online world. This allows users to work together on collaborative projects in addition to playing games.

VR Gaming is a huge investment in games and entertainment . And it is called ‘Killer App’ in marketing terms. It has become a huge market for people interested in spending money for a lot of exciting and immersive entertainment experience. Investors in the sector think that VR gaming will create a reality like the movie ‘Matrix’.

VR is also creating a huge market for entertainment. Although the most immersive and impressive technology is still very expensive and requires technical skills to operate. Even though it is a little less impressive to sit at home, this experience will introduce the audience to a new film world.

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Virtual Reality in Curing Diseases:

Virtual reality has proven to be effective in curing the pain of hospitalized patients. In addition, this technical treatment shortens the stay of patients in the hospital and reduces the cost of treatment. In the meantime, a number of related software has been developed, which helps patients to relieve stress. Immersive VR technology provides speed and visual oriented experience to help ease decision making. Virtual reality provides solutions without effective medication by understanding the patient’s stress and anxiety. Where training is not required. It also helps fight memory loss like Alzheimer’s.

Before performing any operation, the surgeons have to look at the specific part of the part of the body where the operation will be performed. And in this case, virtual reality is providing three-dimensional images to surgeons in real time.

Advantages of virtual reality:

With VR you can watch and play 3D videos, you can watch 360 degree videos from YouTube, you can play 360 degree games. Virtual reality technology is very cheap, you do not have to spend much money to enjoy it. Many times your phone does all the work of VR. For example, your phone is attached to Google Cardboard. And through the apps, your phone’s screen can be seen in two parts. And to see through its lens everything seems big and real to you.

But to get the full sense of virtual reality, you must have a gyroscope sensor in your phone. It’s not that you can’t use or enjoy virtual reality without a gyroscope, but when you put on a VR headset you will only see the video on the big screen. Besides, you can’t do anything else. If you have a gyroscope on your phone, you can enjoy VR to the fullest. A gyroscope is a hardware sensor on your phone that tells your phone’s software the angle of your head. This means that when you move your head, your video will also move. And you can feel a real feeling. Suppose you are watching a video where you are watching a 50 storey building. Now if you stand up straight, you can see the building straight, if you lean your head slightly, you can see the head of the building, that is, you can see the upper floors of the building. Hope you understand the advantages and disadvantages of having a gyroscope.

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The advantages and disadvantages of VR can be summarized as follows:

It is possible to reduce the cost of various activities using virtual reality. The use of virtual reality is harmful to humans. Virtual reality reduces people’s eyesight and hearing. In the meantime, the actual social distance of people is increasing as a result of various social media, so the effect of virtual reality will further increase the social distance of people. Due to the proliferation of virtual reality, human social relations with each other will decrease and inhumanity will increase.


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