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What to do if bitten by a dog


Rabies is a disease that comes to mind when we are bitten by a dog. It is a terrible disease. It is usually spread by dogs infected with rabies. It is also known as rabies because people infected with rabies panic when they see water.

Rabies is a highly contagious and deadly disease. The main cause of this disease is rababdo (rabies) virus. Dogs, cats, foxes, wolves, horses, monkeys, rats, bejeweled animals, etc., are usually infected with the rabies virus and bite humans. In general, 95% of rabies cases in our country are caused by dog ​​bites. The salivary glands of these animals contain the rabies virus. When this saliva comes in contact with human blood through bites or any old wounds or scratches, it spreads through the blood and causes rabies. If the saliva of the dog does not contain the rabies virus, then the dog bite will not cause this disease.

What to do if bitten by a dog

As I said before, this disease is caused by a virus, which has a special addiction to the nervous system.

Dog symptoms

The actual symptoms

The dog may become infected a week before the actual symptoms develop.

1. Silent radiance

The dog’s legs become numb or paralyzed, and the dog crawls on its chest.

2. Mad rabies

The initial symptoms are red nose and reluctance to eat. The dog quickly became restless and ran. The dog’s thighs are curled and the hunter’s gaze is observed on the face. A distorted sound comes out of the throat due to numbness of the hind legs.

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The special feature of rabies is that the infected dog dies within 10 days.

Human symptoms

  •  In humans, the incubation period is usually six to eight weeks. However, it can be less than 10 days or more than a year.
  • A person with rabies suddenly becomes angry, restless, and depressed.
  • The patient has fever, swallowing pain and convulsions. Even when he sees water, he starts having convulsions. He does not want to drink water. This is why this disease is called rabies.
  • The patient’s breathing causes muscle contraction. This makes it difficult for the patient to breathe.
  • Loud noises, bright lights and any attempt to drink water are enough to cause convulsions.
  • The patient usually dies five days after the onset of symptoms.

The most common symptoms of rabies are:

  •  Thirst for water is very high. The patient is very frightened and frightened when he sees water.
  •  Panic increases when the patient comes in contact with light and air.
    It is very difficult for the patient to eat food.
  • Saliva comes out of the mouth.
  • The mood becomes irritable.
  • Aggressive behavior is seen.


  •  If the dog dies within 10 days of being bitten, then it must be understood that the dog was infected with rabies at the time of the bite.
  •  The wound and the surrounding skin need to be cleaned quickly.
  •  If there is pure carbolic acid, pour it carefully on the wound. Strong potassium permanganate solution can be used.
  •  See a doctor as soon as possible to give anti-rabies serum.
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