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What to do with liver health


1. ‘No’ to low fat foods –

Excessive alcohol, oily and spicy foods should be avoided to avoid fatty liver problems, but beware of low fat foods. Go to the supermarket and buy low fat or 99 percent lower in fat food immediately. Fat is eliminated from all of these foods, but plenty of sugar is added to retain the flavor. This increases the risk of liver problems.


2. Don’t eat if you have stress –

if you are bored, what do we do when you need less energyMany people want to fix the mood by eating at this time. Doctors say don’t touch food during stress to keep the liver healthy. This time digestion is not exactly like.

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3. Supplements –

Be careful when eating protein or vitamin supplements. Choose a supplement that helps detoxify the liver. Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C keeps the liver clean. The amino acids in protein are also good for keeping the liver clean. Omega 3 fatty acids help keep the liver healthy.


4. Beware of drugs –

some drugs damage the liver. Stay away from all these drugs. Some painkillers, such as Tylenol or Cholesterol, cause severe damage to the liver.



5. Coffee-

How many times have you heard that drinking tea and coffee harms the body? But there are many benefits to eating coffee. Research shows that regular coffee consumption reduces the risk of liver disease by at least 14 percent.


6. Toxins-

Toxins in the skin have a bad effect on the liver. Toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. So spray, stay away from toxins.


7. Plant Protein –

The most important thing to keep the liver healthy is to choose the right food. Plant protein is better for the liver than animal protein. Eat pulses, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fiber.


8. Easy buzzing –

Alcohol accumulates toxins in the liver. As a result, excessive alcohol consumption damages the liver. However, light alcohol is good for the body.


9. Healthy Fats –

Fats are extremely beneficial for the body. So to keep the liver healthy, do not eliminate fat from the diet. Eat healthy fat. Olives and walnuts contain healthy fats.


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