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When a dog bites


People are terrified and lost when dogs suddenly attack and sit down. Dog scratches or bites are the reason for fear of rabies or rabies. However, not only rabies but also various bacterial infectious diseases including tetanus can be spread by dog ​​scratches or bites. Just as rabies can be life threatening if not treated in time, it can further complicate the problem by spreading various infections in the affected area. In addition, dog bites are quite painful. Therefore, if you are suddenly attacked by a dog on the road, you should not be frightened and take some initial steps and keep in mind the urgent issues. Usually stray dogs are not vaccinated regularly. However, domestic dogs are usually vaccinated regularly. So if a pet dog ever bites, there is no reason to panic. However, the doctor must be contacted.

When a dog bites
The severity of the wound and bleeding should be noticed in the affected area at the beginning. When a dog bites, first hold the wound, so that the bleeding stops quickly. Then clean the wound for at least 10 minutes in a tubewell or tap water stream. If possible, you can use an antibacterial soap to clean the wound well. This will help to clean the bacteria and germs in the wound. Try to keep the affected area as high as possible. Once the wound has healed, apply an antibiotic ointment to the wound from the nearest clinic and bandage it with a sterile gauze cloth to reduce the rate of post-wound infection without delay. In addition to the necessary medicine and diet, the wound must be cleaned daily. Care should be taken not to get dust and dirt on the cut area. This rule should be followed until the wound heals. If it hurts too much,

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If possible, keep an eye on the attacking dog. Extra care should be taken if the dog dies within a few days of the bite. In this case, you must inform the doctor. However, one should not waste so much time, but should seek the help of the nearest hospital or doctor as soon as possible to get vaccinated against rabies and tetanus. If the symptoms of rabies appear, it is 100% fatal. Symptoms of rabies after a dog bite can take weeks to months.

There are two types of vaccines for rabies. Depending on the severity and severity of the lesion, one type of vaccine may be needed in some cases and another in others. The sooner the rabies vaccine is given, the better. There are six doses of modern rabies vaccine. The vaccine is given under the skin around the navel. The ticker course must be completed by taking all the doses of the ticker on time. In addition to rabies, tetanus vaccine should be given within 24 hours of the dog’s attack to prevent tetanus infection. Contact the nearest doctor or government medical center for any complications related to scratches or bites after a dog attack.


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