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whisper in ear


It is very annoying to feel any sound in the ear all the time. Fortunately, in most cases this problem is temporary and goes away on its own. In some cases, however, it is chronic, painful, and uncomfortable. It’s a pain that the sufferer can’t even explain to anyone else. This problem of snoring in the ear is called ‘tinnitus’ in the language of medicine.


Any word has a source. Be it the chirping of birds, the chirping of rain or the sound of a river. Or the ‘cracking’ sound of a hydraulic horn. But the one who has ‘tinnitus’ hears one more word besides the one which originates from the source. That is, he hears an extra sound outside of all the sounds in the environment. Usually the word is kind of whistling. In most cases the sound seems to be in the ear, but in some cases the patient feels that the sound is inside his head.

whisper in ear

Why is tinnitus


Tinnitus is not a disease in itself. It is a symptom of many other ear diseases. Patients with tinnitus usually have hearing loss or hearing problems.



This can happen if dirt or grime accumulates in the ear, if something gets stuck in the outer ear (eg: peas, bean seeds, rice, etc.), if the eardrum is damaged due to injury, if any harmful medicine is applied or taken. Tinnitus is also caused by accumulation of water or blood in the middle ear, inflammation or tumor of the middle ear, obstruction of normal circulation of small nerves in the ear, loss of function of the middle ear and nasal connective tissue, damage to the auditory nerve for any reason, inflammation of the nerve or nerve tumors. Tinnitus is also a disease called Miners’ Disease, in which the patient develops dizziness and vomiting.


Tinnitus can occur at any age. Many people suffer from this problem in old age, with hearing loss. Tinnitus can be caused by migraines, convulsions, various viral infections, anemia, mental instability, excessive anxiety or depression. This can happen even if the blood pressure rises uncontrollably for a long time. Again in some cases no cause can be found.

What to do


If you suffer from tinnitus, consult a nose-ear-throat specialist. Finding out the cause, he will be treated accordingly. For example, if dirt accumulates in the ear, it should be cleaned, if something is stuck, it should be removed, if there is a nerve problem, it should be treated, and even hearing aids should be used. If there is anemia, it should be treated, if the blood pressure is uncontrolled, it should be controlled. Some problems, such as tumors or scars on the eardrum, require surgery.

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Some suggestions


During the busy hours of the day, the patient does not feel the extra noise of the ear due to the noise of various sounds. But in the stillness of the night, tinnitus can increase and cause mental anguish. Tinnitus increases in the silence of the night, resulting in increased instability, which in turn increases tinnitus.


Tinnitus causes severe discomfort at night, especially in patients whose cause of tinnitus cannot be found. At night they can leave the fan at full speed, the sound of the fan whistling in their own ears slowly disappears. This reduces the patient’s instability. Without it, a table clock or wristwatch that makes a ticking sound can be placed under the pillow.


The emotional turmoil caused by tinnitus should be taken seriously, the patient’s relatives should be taken care of. So whatever the cause of the tinnitus, even if the cause is not found, the patient will have to be reassured that the problem will gradually get better. Psychologists need to be sheltered if necessary.


The psychiatrist can also sometimes suffer from tinnitus, which makes his or her restlessness worse. Even if these patients are treated for mental illness, the patient cannot recover easily. So your relatives must take care of these things.

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Ear itching, whatever the discomfort, ear piercing should not be done under any circumstances. Not even with cotton buds. This causes damage to the ears.


Do not use any ear drops without the advice of a doctor. You can’t start using it again on your own because the doctor has given it before.


Some medications can also cause ear damage (such as aspirin, some medications to control blood pressure, some medications used to treat cancer, etc.). So tell your doctor what medications you are taking.


Use resistors when working in noisy places. Occasionally there is a need for ear rest.


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