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why is the sky blue


Why is the color of the sky blue?


Everyone loves to look at the blue sky. How the open sky makes the mind feel good.


Well, we see the blue sky, we talk about the blue sky – have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Why not any other color?

why is the sky blue

The question is as interesting as the answer. If you want to know the answer, you must first know what the sky is.


The sky is actually our atmosphere. It is made up of different types of gas and water vapor. Due to the gravitational force of the earth, it surrounds the earth from all sides. The higher you leave the earth, the lighter the atmosphere will be, and gradually it will no longer exist. That is why there is no atmosphere in space.


Now we need to know about the light of the sun. We see gold in sunlight, but it is actually a mixture of the seven colors of the rainbow. There are seven colors of rainbow in sunlight. There are crystals in a special shape called prism. If you ever hold a prism in sunlight, you will see that the light is divided into seven colors.


I have already said that the rainbow has all the colors of sunlight. Surely you know the colors of the rainbow? Purple, blue, azure, green, yellow, orange and red.

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The blue color we see in the sky is basically the blue color of sunlight. The color blue can spread through smaller waves than other colors, so it is the most widespread color in the atmosphere.


Since the atmosphere is the sky, the color that will spread there will be the color of the sky. So the blue of the sun falls on the atmosphere, so the atmosphere is blue, and the sky is blue.


That is why the color of the sky is blue, not red, yellow or any other color.


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