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why my poop green?


The normal color of the stool may be lost due to various reasons. You may already know that red stools can be a sign of a serious health problem.


The stool can be not only red but also green, even other colors. If you notice green stools in the toilet, don’t worry, because red stools are a possible sign of cancer, but green stools are not a sign of such a deadly disease – but it is important to remember that any common disease can be fatal if left untreated. The report discusses six causes of green stools.

why my poop green

You are eating green food:


This is the most common cause of green stools. Niket Sonpal, a New York City intern and gastroenterologist, said: In addition to vegetables, your baby’s stool may turn green because of the color used in the food.


You are eating blue food:

You may recall the color wheel learned in childhood art classes in school, where you learned that blue + yellow = green. Dr. “If you eat blue or purple berries, the color of your stool may turn green, because the blue color of the food, when mixed with the yellow of the bile in the stomach, becomes bright green,” said Sonpal. But if your stool is red despite not eating red food, seek medical attention immediately, as red color may indicate blood.


Your gallbladder has been removed :

Bile is stored in the bile ducts according to the natural rules, but if the bile cells are removed for survival, the bile cannot be stored anywhere else in the body. Dr. Sonpal said, ‘Once the gallbladder is removed, the pituitary comes out with the stool as it cannot stay anywhere. But be patient, the color of your stool will one day become normal, because your gut becomes accustomed to the enlarged petals and adjusts the absorption. ‘ Pay attention to the body during recovery and talk to a physician regularly. Tell your doctor if stool color is not normal within 8 to 10 weeks.

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You have an infection :

Infections that can cause intestinal attacks and diarrhea can cause your stools to turn green. Dr. Sonpal said, ‘Salmonella, e. Infections caused by parasites such as bacteria, viruses or giardiasis called E. coli and Clostridia difficile can cause diarrhea and rapid bowel movements. Due to this rapid movement of the stool, the green petals cannot be naturally brown. If this happens to you, then Dr. Sonpal is advising to see a doctor immediately to identify the root of the problem.


You are taking antibiotics :

Don’t worry about the worst consequences if your stool looks green, even the antibiotics you take can make the stool green. Dr. “The reason is that antibiotics sometimes kill the bad bacteria as well as the good ones,” said Sonpal. When there is a lack of good bacteria, our gut microbiome or intestinal microorganisms lose their balance, which can cause the stool to turn green. Dr. Sonpal suggests taking probiotics while taking antibiotics to grow good bacteria in the gut, such as by taking supplements or fermented foods like kambucha and kimchi.


You took birth control shots :

Dr. Sonpal said, ‘The job of a birth control shot is to prevent ovulation. These shots can cause flatulence or weight gain in some women. But I have also seen patients whose stools have turned green after the first few doses. We don’t know why this happens, but it’s not something to worry about and it becomes normal on its own. My personal opinion is that birth control shots can induce excess Peter’s discharge, but I have no real evidence. ‘ Other medications can also color the stool, such as Pepto Bismal, which can temporarily blacken the stool, as can iron supplements. If you think that the stool is not turning green because of the diet, make an appointment with a doctor to identify the real cause.

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Why are the colors of the toilet different?


As a child, you would have been in class 11 or 12 when our liver (or liver) and gallbladder were releasing something called petros. This is called bile in English . There is something in this bile that is responsible for the color of the toilet.


Why does the color of the stool come from Bile or Peters?

In fact, the red blood cells (or RBCs) in our body die within 100 to 120 days. This time after death you have to go to Yamraj. This Yamraj is RE Cell (Reticulo endothelial cell) . These RE cells break down the spirit of RBC called ‘ Hemoglobin’ into ‘Heme ‘ and ‘Globin’. Globin is a protein so it is allowed to enter the body’s amino acid pool and the rest of the ice is broken down into Fe (Iron) and Billiverdin (Billiverdin). This bilirubin is then converted to bilirubin and is released into the liver with the help of a protein called albumin . Bilirubin but not soluble in water so it cannot mix directly with bile (Peters) so itDissolves in combination with glucuronic acid . Now it has merged with the bile. Then, when the bile-juice for digestion is excreted in the small intestine, bilirubin comes out with it. Bacteria in the intestine convert bilirubin to urobilinogen and later it is converted to stercobilinogen . Starkobilinogen is excreted in the feces or feces . It should be noted that starcobilinogen does not have any color of its own, it gets brownish-yellow color when it comes in contact with air. Which is the color of normal toilet.

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This is the color chemistry of a normal toilet. So what is the reason for having different colored toilets?

In fact, in some cases the color of the toilet depends on the eating habits and it can also be a health problem. Such as:

  • Green toilet : – Green toilet is mainly the day before if a lot of vegetables are eaten or green drink is taken. This is not a matter of concern. But there may be another reason for this which is diarrhea. Yes, if you have diarrhea, you can’t stay in the bile intestine for long because diarrhea causes frequent bowel movements, so most of the time bile comes out with its own color which is green.
  • White toilet: – This is usually due to lack of bile in the toilet. The main reason for this is that there is an obstruction in the bile duct (such as stone), so that the gallbladder cannot excrete sufficient amount of bile in the intestine, so the stool leaves the body without bile. As a result, the color of the toilet looks white or light yellow.
  • Red toilet : – Many times people get scared when they see red toilet. But the red toilet doesn’t always mean it has to be blood. Many times beets, carrots, red drinks can also be a red stool for eating.
  • Black stools: – If there is bleeding in the upper part of the digestive tract (usually in the stomach) then black stools may occur. This is because the red blood cells there enter the digestive tract and are broken down by the digestive enzyme and bring black color to the toilet. Iron supplements can also cause black stools.

I have tried to explain in a simple way here, sorry if there is any mistake.


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