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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is and what is its purpose?

Answer: English blog site, click here to know more about us and answer this question.

02. How do I register on blog?

Answer: To register on our website, click on the Registration or Sign Up button in the top navigation bar, then fill in each box correctly as per the instructions below:

Username – Username is basically a nickname and it has to be completely unique meaning new. If you already have an account with a given username, you can use numbers such as 123456 in conjunction with your username. Such as: surja23, Smit8570 etc. Username must be at least 4 characters long and cannot use any symbols. Username is always the one word.

Email: Enter your active email in the Email box, because as soon as you register, a verification code will be sent to the given email, and you will be able to check by email if you forget your password later.

First Name: Write the first part of your name. As given to Facebook when opening a Facebook account.

Last Name: Enter the 2nd part of your name.

About Yourself: Write a short bio about yourself here, such as what you like, why you write on the site or the best quote of your life, whatever you want to give. I mean, in a word, write about yourself in a few lines.

[[ It will appear under your name in as many paste as you post. ]]

Password – Enter a password to remember in the password box. Password must be at least 6-8 digits. It will be useful for you to login later.

Repeat Password: Re-enter your given password in the Repeat Password box. The input of the two passwords given in the Password and Repeat Password boxes must be the same.

★ [[Math Captcha]]: Notice here. The same numbers we used to do when we were little. [Box] + [Box] = [Result] There will be numbers in two boxes, you need to enter another exact number to match the numbers – Simple.

Now successfully complete your registration by clicking the Register or Sign Up button. You will be given a warning if you have already opened an account using the username or email you provided, then try again with a different username / email.

When the registration is complete, check your email inbox (spambox if not found in the inbox), a verification mail will be sent from

03. What to do if the password is incorrect when logging in?

Note: After clicking Register, if all your information is correct, it will take you to the login page, where you will have to login with email / username and password. If you forgot the password without logging in, then click Lost your password, enter your email in the next box and submit. Then within minutes check your email inbox (spambox if not found in the inbox), change the account password by clicking on the verification link sent from and successfully login to your account with email and password.

04. Message or email us on our Facebook page for any kind of support and problem solving.


05. What are the rules for writing a blog?

Answer: To write in our blog and to give your opinion in the posts, you must register or login.

07. How do I report if I see a post or harmful topic?

Answer: Click here.

07. How do I withdraw money?

If, we add our payment method per post, you will be informed about this.

If you have any more questions about the website, just ask by texting on our Facebook page. Thank you.
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